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CNA: Ma will not permit hot money speculators from China

The Central News Agency (CNA) offers parts of an exclusive interview with President-elect Ma on the China money issue:
President-elect Ma Ying-jeou said Friday that he will propose anti-speculation legislation that will prevent Chinese investors from trying to make quick profits in the local real estate market.
Ma said in an exclusive interview with the Central News [...]

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China Investment Policies — Meeting in the Middle

Forbes came out with a couple of articles that highlight how close the DPP and KMT policies are on China investments. First, there was a very short article on Frank Hsieh, now Chairman of the DPP, who said:
The government should ease regulations on China investments as soon as possible, subject to national security considerations, the [...]

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Investment Medley

Asia Times has a long study of India’s growing strategic and financial engagement with East Asia. A highlight:
India needs to add as much as US$500 billion in investment into its infrastructure and Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan have expressed interest in diversifying their investment beyond China. South Korea is India’s ninth-largest source of foreign [...]

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