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Our Extraterritorial "Free Trade" Zones

Taiwan News has a nifty editorial on the growing momentum towards the One Country, Two Systems approach in the KMT. The editorial also calls into question the new “free trade” zones, which are being used, as many of us feared, as extraterritorial trojan horses in many different ways. Because the zones are exempt from many [...]

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Week of Parties

It was a week of parties for me last week that began at the train station in Taoyuan. I had bounced up there to attend the Thai New Year celebration being held in the stadium there, at the invitation of my friend Michael K, AKA the Bushman, who was playing with a Thai band that [...]

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Media: Health and Labor and Democracy in Taiwan

On NPR there’s a very positive article on our health system.
So the patients are safe from bankruptcy. But the system itself is under strain. Chang says that Taiwan spends 6.23 percent of its GDP on health care, compared to 16 percent in America.
So the United States spends too much on health care, and doesn’t even [...]

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Jakarta Post on Plight of Indonesian Workers Here

The Jakarta Post ran an article today on the plight of Indonesian workers in Taiwan (from here).
Every day a special complaints hotline set up by the Indonesian trade office in Taiwan gets about 300 hits from distressed Indonesian workers.
Around ten per cent concern serious issues, including alleged sexual assaults, physical and emotional abuse, withholding of [...]

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Taiwan International Workers’ Association (TIWA) Photo Book

Kerim over at Keywords passed this to me:
Dear friends,
I’m sending along a fundraising plea from the Taiwan International Workers’ Association.(contact info in this post on their blog). TIWA is the only Taiwanese organization that fights daily for the rights of the 340,000 Southeast Asian migrant workers in Taiwan. Although TIWA has only 3 full-time [...]

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