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DPP Chairman Discussions

Sign of the rising price of metal: One of my neighbors is an artist who works in various metals. This weekend he surprised a thief attempting to make off with some metal which he had kept as parts for his work. The thief had stolen one basket and was surprised when he came back for [...]

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Jamestown Foundation Backgrounder on Election

Michael Hsiao, the well-known sociologist and advisor to administrations in Taiwan, has a nifty overview of the election and the two candidates at the Jamestown Foundation. Among the highlights:
To Ma, the issue of Taiwan’s “national” identity is more complicated and still burdened by the legacy of the Chinese civil war between the KMT and the [...]

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And so….the flow of crap begins…..

For the last month or so, as the parade of journalists reviews our elections here, I’ve been bracing for the stories. You know, the klewless, shallow, I’ve-just-parachuted-in stuff that marks the very worst the international media can produce, stuff that mainlines KMT talking points and causes errors we had thought killed to rise, zombie-like, from [...]

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Hsieh Rebuttal of Ma Claims

A friend is translating some of the Hsieh campaign’s economic and trade policy ideas, along with their rebuttals of KMT claims. Here’s one on the KMT nonsense that the declining volume of the port of Kaohsiung is a result of DPP mismanagement. As the excerpt points out, the decline began under Veep candidate Siew….
The Port [...]

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Can Hsieh Win? Cargo Cult KMT. And other Musings.

Ma and Siew look down on Taichung.
Marc reminds me that there is only 1 day left in the competition to get Taipei into the Global Monopoly edition ( In this way generations of children in the future will learn that Taipei 101 is indeed, in Taipei. D from the City of the Stampede writes me [...]

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Notes from Taipei

Apologies for the lack of blogging — been spending a ton of time in Taipei this week. Much to report….
Speaking of Taipei, the NYTimes has an article on Taipei as a travel destination (hat tip to reader JS).
TAIPEI, the vibrant capital of Taiwan, distills the best of what Asian cities have to offer — great [...]

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Debate, Hsu, Cure Insomnia

NOTES FROM A SUCKY ECONOMY: …the NT is hitting a 30-month high, and the Taipei Times noted the other day after the Central Bank dumped a half a billion NT into the market to hold the NT down….
“This is the way our central bank tells market participants to behave,” one dealer said. “But the central [...]

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The Lighter Side of Meeting Frank Hsieh

My friend the writer, artist, and sometime visitor to Taiwan Joel Haas dropped me a line to describe an encounter with Frank Hsieh several years ago….
True story. Frank Hsieh taught me the Mandarin word for “ocean.” When I was one of the artists at the Kaoshiung Steel Sculpture Festival, I made all [...]

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Hsieh to lose?

Will Hsieh win? Everyone I talk to says exactly the same thing: no (in fact the question is usually met with laughter). Why? I spent this evening conversing with a longtime democracy activist with deep connections into the DPP, and the person says what everyone else is saying: the Hsieh camp is running an awful [...]

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Ma: Win, Place, or Siew?

Unreal CityUnder the brown fog of a winter noon
Wow! So cold it is, the papers reported yesterday that fish were dying in the waters off the Penghu islands in the Taiwan Strait because the sustained cold had lowered ocean water temperatures too much. I’ve decided the weather gods have ceased to exist, incinerated by [...]

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Therese Shaheen Profiled

Therese Shaheen, former director of our officially unofficial representative body in Taiwan, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), is the subject of an article in Mercury News….

n the world’s diplomatic stage, politically isolated Taiwan has scant influence. But in the global tech economy, the island of 23 million is a heavyweight, said former senior State [...]

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Bruce Jacobs’ Open Letter to Hsieh and Ma

This morning Apple Daily published an open letter from respected Taiwan scholar Bruce Jacobs, directed at the two presidential candidates.
An Open Letter to Frank Hsieh and Ma Ying-jeou(給謝長廷和馬英九一封公開信)
By Bruce Jacobs (家博)
Over eighty per cent of the residents of Taiwan (台灣住民) want this country (本國)to be a member of the United Nations. As [...]

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China Investment Policies — Meeting in the Middle

Forbes came out with a couple of articles that highlight how close the DPP and KMT policies are on China investments. First, there was a very short article on Frank Hsieh, now Chairman of the DPP, who said:
The government should ease regulations on China investments as soon as possible, subject to national security considerations, the [...]

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DPP Rally in Taichung

Yesterday I went to the DPP rally in Taichung to hear DPP Vice Presidential candidate Su Tseng-chang (pictured above) and Presidential candidate Frank Hsieh speak, as well as scoop up some paraphenalia and soak up some good DPP feeling. My wife went with but one goal: to shake Frank Hsieh’s hand.

Outside the rally site the [...]

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DPP Election Loss: Analysis

Max Hirsch has a great piece in Kyodo News this week, analyzing the election defeat of the DPP. Hirsch has a very sensible contrast to the well-known blog Peking Duck, where Raj has served a series of KMT talking points presented as a “centrist” analysis. Hirsch notes:
On the surface, [...]

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