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Ta-ken Trail 4

Did a lot of hiking in Ta-ken this weekend. Today I wandered out on Trail 4, according to the sign, the most difficult of the 10 Ta-ken trails. Sponge Bear led the way as we notched another trail on our belt.

The trail meanders along a ridge for 1.8 kms, rising to 859m above sea [...]

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Election Day Hike

On election day, rather than torture myself by waiting for the election returns, I went hiking in Keelung to visit some of the old military structures in the area and hang out with my good friends Jeff Miller, Michael Fahey, and an Englishman named Laurence, of the Petrochemical Industry. (As always, click on any pic [...]

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Ta-ken Trail Mix

A breakfast vendor in Tanzi.
Saturday morning found myself and Jim Boyden of Sponge Bear gallivanting off to Ta-ken for another hike on the wonderful trails that criss-cross the area (click on any picture to be taken directly to it).

We decided to go up trail two. I didn’t see any warnings directed at pudgy balding bloggers….

Like [...]

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Tripping Around Taipei

It was that kind of weekend, hip deep in Taipei. First, an early morning dash into the city with my family and a couple of exchange students from my university who wanted to go play in the big city. Next, the gathering at the Shannon, where we heard from the nephew of the Dalai Lama. [...]

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Taiping Hike

Had a great day on Saturday meeting old friends and new ones. First, Sponge Bear and I beat the rain for a morning hike somewhere east of Taiping on a hiking trail that had neither name nor number, but was still great (Sponge Bear’s account). Later, in the evening, I finally got together with indie [...]

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Walking among the hills

Off for a walk at the base of the hills outside Taichung…greeted, as always, by the endless array of bugs that the island provides.

Everywhere you look, early morning hikers can be found. The hills around me are honeycombed with hiking trails and minor roads that make excellent morning walks.

Winding lanes, perfect for an early morning [...]

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More Visiting With Friends

On Friday Jason and Andrew took me and my son out to the falls where the drowning occurred the other day, south of Hsinshe in the hills of Taichung county. We followed 88 from Fengyuan, a beautiful ride along the ridges above Taichung, which finally enters Hsinshe from the north, then rode through the town, [...]

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Visiting With Friends

The view from the 85th floor of Taipei 101, the indoor observation deck.
Sunday my good friend Jason W. flew in from overseas to visit old friends and old haunts. Andrew Kerslake and I picked him up at the airport and then hung out in Taipei, hooking up with the acutely intelligent and hilarious Jason Cox, [...]

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Saturday, in the Park…

On Saturday I went out to Fengyuan again to meet Jim of Sponge Bear and hike. This time Thoth Harris came along for the three hour tour.

We met at the Chung Cheng Park outside Fengyuan, a good jumping off point for the area’s many trails. But first we had to stop in the market….

…where there [...]

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Weekend Fun

What good things could we find on our weekend?
I spent this weekend hanging out with The Bushman in Taichung and Hukou. So expect more pics tomorrow….

Explosives are an important component of a fun Taiwan weekend…

Fireworks arrayed on a roadside table.

A local alley.

Taichung, Taiyuan Rd.

Michael’s friend and my wife enjoy a hearty laugh. We had originally [...]

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