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WSJ-Asia:Taiwan Airlines to benefit from Direct Flights?

I’ve been kvetching recently about the tendency to view the China-Taiwan economic relationship in cargo-cult terms, and here today the Asian edition of the Wall Street Journal carried an article today cautioning investors on exaggerating the effects of direct flights (link is behind a pay wall):
[Analysts] believe that even if direct China-Taiwan air links materialize [...]

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Hong Kong: What’s in Store For Taiwan

The great blog ESWN had an article translation that should send chills up the spine of anyone who wants Taiwan’s future to be democratic:
… In the March 26 issue of TIME magazine, Hong Kong was on the front cover with the lead story being an interview with Chief Executive Donald Tsang. The local media [...]

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Economist on The Peaceful Rise

The Economist has a damn fine article pointing out that nobody really believes in The Peaceful Rise:
Why are China’s neighbours not always susceptible to its charms? Of course, any rapidly emerging big power is unsettling. Like America, China can still display a penchant for unilateralism that undermines all its careful diplomacy. As it overtakes America [...]

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Taiwan inspires Hong Kong

Today the Taipei Times had an article about “radicals” in Hong Kong who want a real democracy there.

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ESWN on Marches in Taiwan and Hong Kong

The peripatetic China blogger ESWN remarks on marches in Taiwan and Hong Kong, claiming that there is a problem with explanations of low turnouts for pro-democracy marches in Hong Kong:
Yet, when the call went out for the people of Hong Kong to march for universal suffrage, not more than 5,000 people showed up (Comment 200703#053). [...]

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