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One Problem, Two coverages: Tibet and Taiwan

WaPo has an article on the recent offer by China to negotiate with Tibet, and the usual noises of criticism by China’s colonial officialdom of the Dalai Lama…..look at the opening paragraphs:
Less than 24 hours after China offered to meet with an envoy of the Dalai Lama, state-controlled news media on Saturday kept up their [...]

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To Change China?

In the run-up to the 2000 Taiwan election, the Washington Post featured a short piece by a reporter named John Pomfret, an interview with then-presidential candidate James Soong. Pomfret presented Soong, at that time a lifelong opponent of democracy, as a democratic reformer. I responded with a short letter protesting this mischaracterization of Soong’s political [...]

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A Forum for Constraints

The conventional wisdom is accurately portrayed by Keith Bradsher of the NYTimes in an article on Vice-President Elect Siew’s meeting with China’s bigwigs at the recent Boao forum in China…
Mr. Siew and President-elect Ma Ying-jeou will take office in Taipei on May 20 with a strong electoral mandate to reduce the hostility that has [...]

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Reports from places great and small

Out in Oklahoma, an opinion piece comments on the election in ‘the Asian nation most like our own.’
In a recent interview, Joseph Wu, director of Taiwan’s Washington office, told me popular support for the murkily defined status quo in PRC relations exceeds 80 percent.
Americans must be attentive to Taiwan’s needs, and here’s why. Taiwan is [...]

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US Acknowledges "Peace Offer" is Bogus

Radio Taiwan International had a short piece on an interview of State Department official Thomas Christensen, whose remarks on Taiwan caused such a stir. In it Christensen seems to acknowledge that, indeed, there were people in Taiwan who might think the “peace offer” was not a good idea.
The US Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asian [...]

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AP: Peace Offer not Directed At Chen

AP strikes once more with a brilliant analysis of the Hu Jintao “peace offer.”
Alexander Huang, former second-in-command at the Taiwanese government agency responsible for implementing China policy, said Hu’s comments were made with the full knowledge that Chen will be leaving office next May, two months after Taiwanese voters elect a new president.
“(They were) intended [...]

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Bradsher on the "Peace Offer"

Keith Bradsher of the NY Times has a thorough article on surrender demand “peace offer” from China’s Hu and the reactions in Taiwan and China. The article is Beijing-centric in many ways, but it has a couple of important observations.
President Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan denounced Thursday a peace overture from President Hu Jintao of China [...]

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