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Simon Tisdall Scores! And Me Too

Want to take a break from the usual pro-Bejing stuff in the foreign media? Simon Tisdall of the Guardian has a good piece on Taiwan-China-US relations that manages to avoid many of the pitfalls (still reproduces the “renegade province” formulation, though, a phrase that is an invention of the western media) that plague foreign reporting [...]

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Japanese Islanders Want Closer Relations With Taiwan

Japanese islanders want to open relations with Taiwan…..
HUALIEN, Taiwan–Twice snubbed by Tokyo, residents on Yonagunijima island, Japan’s westernmost point, are banking on Taiwan for survival.
Town officials from Yonaguni, Okinawa Prefecture, opened a liaison office here last week to revive the close ties with Taiwan that were severed when Okinawa reverted to Japanese control in 1972.
“The [...]

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