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Good Taiwan-India-China article

From the Taiwan Journal: our booming cram schools.
Taiwan Journal has a long, excellent article on Taiwan-India relations, one of the many subthemes of this blog, along with India-China relations. Sad that just as Taiwan is starting to explore the strategic possibilities of outreach to India, we get saddled with a President whose foreign policy consists [...]

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On Tap on Taiwan Around the World….

The International Affairs Forum offers two pieces that touch on Taiwan this week. The first is a long address by an Indian scholar on Taiwan. It offers a good example, I think, of how Taiwan is understood elsewhere… excerpt:
In like manner,although much smaller in area, Taiwan has a much higher level of technological sophistication than [...]

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Guangdong vs Gujarat

Hot special economic zones. Booming industries. Busy ports. Rapid economic growth. Massive inflows of foreign direct investment. Yup, that’s Guangdong Gujarat.
This week’s Asia Times has a long study of the success of the Indian state of Gujarat (Wiki Gujarat):
The northwestern state of Gujarat - notorious for horrific communal violence in 2002 in which over a [...]

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Investment Medley

Asia Times has a long study of India’s growing strategic and financial engagement with East Asia. A highlight:
India needs to add as much as US$500 billion in investment into its infrastructure and Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan have expressed interest in diversifying their investment beyond China. South Korea is India’s ninth-largest source of foreign [...]

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Media Round-up: Ma Ying-jeou Cleared, UN Entry, China in the region

Closing time at the betel nut stand.
Local commentator Michael Fahey had an article in SCMP yesterday on the Ma Ying-jeou situation with some excellent insight into the local political culture (no link, requires subscription):
His acquittal means that his formidable DPP opponent Frank Hsieh Chang-ting, another DPP lawyer, will have to win fair and square. There [...]

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Taiwan-India Cooperation on Scooters

Longtime advocates of more Taiwan investment in India like me are pleased to see globalization hard at work in the Taiwan-India relationship. The Taiwan scooter giant Sanyang (SYM) is cooperating with Indian scooter pioneer Kinetic, from a factory in Pune, to market a Taiwan scooter in India aimed at women:
Kinetic has tied up with Taiwanese [...]

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Ma to India June 12-13

Over the last couple of years India and Taiwan have been inching closer together. Ma Ying-jeou, Presidential candidate of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), is off to India this week, an important signal of growing India-Taiwan ties. The Chennai Centre for China Studies has a long article on the topic….
If reports appearing in Taiwan media [...]

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CRS Specialist on US-Taiwan Relations

Gerrit van der Wees at FAPA passed this around (my comments in italics):
Frog in the Well and Chicken Little by Shirley Kan
PacNet 9A, February 28, 2007
A visit to Taiwan provides a reminder of the persistent gap in mutual perceptions between Americans and Taiwanese. From a U.S. perspective, Taiwan is like a frog in a well. [...]

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