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And from Japan….

Japan Focus has some interesting articles this week. First is an insightful piece on North Korea as the canary in the coal mine for the coming food crisis….
….At the time, of course, all the knowing analysts and pundits dismissed what was happening in that country as the inevitable breakdown of an archaic economic system presided [...]

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Further notes on Taiwan’s Status

More on the US position toward Taiwan’s sovereignty, from Bill Geertz at the Washington Times…
Inside the RingBill GertzThursday, June 26, 2008WASHINGTON TIMES
Questioning one China
The Bush administration has backed away from China’s position on Taiwan by declaring in a diplomatic note to the United Nations that the issue of Taiwan’s sovereignty remains unsettled and effectively stating [...]

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Our New, More Rational Adminstration

Remember when Chen Shui-bian was Mad Chen, and war was just around the corner? Luckily we have the more rational Ma Ying-jeou Administration in power, eh? The Taipei Times reports on our nutcase legislators and their naive Premier:
Premier Liu Chao-shiuan (劉兆玄) said yesterday he would not rule out going to war with Japan if [...]

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Sovereignty….is whatever you want it to be…

After KMT Chairman Wu Po-hsiung played down Taiwan’s sovereignty in talks with China, refusing to call Ma Ying-jeou “President,” and referring to Taiwan as “Chinese Taipei” — along with referring to people on both sides of the Strait as “Chinese” — the KMT news network reported today that the Foreign Ministry had asserted the sovereignty [...]

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Taiwan’s Excellent Relations with Japan

One of the most important DPP foreign policy successes was broadening and deepening Taiwan’s relationship with Japan. Jason Miks has a nifty article over at World Politics Review on Taiwan’s excellent relations with Japan:
Indeed, while the relationship between China and Taiwan has only very recently begun to warm up, relations between Japan and Taiwan have [...]

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Japan Focus on Indonesia, China, Japan, and LNG markets

Japan Focus has a couple of good articles this week. For WWII buffs, Herbert Bix has a great article on Hirohito’s role in WWII. But of interest for Taiwan is an article on natural gas exports from Indonesia to Japan and China. The article focuses on Japan’s complex relations with Indonesia in acquiring resources and [...]

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Japanese Paper interviews Lee

The Daily Yomiuri hosts an interview with former President Lee Teng-hui.
Some observers of Japan-Taiwan affairs have been concerned that Ma, who swept to victory in last month’s presidential election, could take the wind out of attempts to improve relations. Ma has previously taken a hard-line stance on the Senkaku Islands, which also are claimed by [...]

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Espionage Mirage

Plenty of stuff on military front today. First, Wendell Minnick reports that Blackwater, the mercenary firm, is training Taiwan’s NSB:
U.S.-based Blackwater is training members of the Taiwanese National Security Bureau’s (NSB’s) special protection service, which guards the president. The NSB is responsible for the overall security of the country and was once an instrument of [...]

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The Empire of Bacon

Shot of Taichung showing massive haze over the city, Jan 19, 2008.By its workings, astronomical sums have been appropriated into circuits from which many benefited. While the momentum of growth was maintained, Japan’s reputation as a great power was enhanced, and trade frictions with G7 member countries eased. Massive civil-engineering projects were favored: bridges, tunnels, [...]

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Korea at a Crossroads

We’ve recently been discussing the Korean economy on this blog, which the European Chamber of Commerce says we really ought to emulate. Feiren flipped me this wonderful piece from FEER on Korea’s economy and the upcoming election (it’s pay to view, so only half is here). See any similarities with our situation in Taiwan?
In meeting [...]

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Promises, Promises

This week Chen promised not to declare independence for the remainder of his term, which is kind of like me vowing never to dunk a basketball for the rest of my life.
In an interview with the Associated Press after his meeting with Burghardt, Chen dismissed reports that he was planning to declare independence.
He said such [...]

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A Man, A Plan, Japan

Ma Ying-jeou has returned from his recent trip to Japan, and it appears to have gone well, reports Max Hirsch of the Kyodo News service:
The KMT, which identifies strongly with Chinese culture and nationalism, has traditionally fared poorly in wooing Tokyo.
Ma hopes to improve those relations as Japan becomes a more important trading and strategic [...]

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Nelson Report on Co-Management

The Nelson Report from a few days ago discusses the emerging “co-management” view of US-China relations….which excludes Japan and Taiwan.
CHINA…there’s always several things going on in DC that relate to US-China relations management of some kind, and the trick is to be in several places at once, so you can keep up.
In other words, thank [...]

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Taiwanese Fraud Gangs Spread the Love Across Asia

For quite some time now I’ve been arguing that the government needs to do more about the local fraud gangs that operate in conjunction with Chinese gangs and use the latest technology to carry out their operations. Now the Asahi Shimbun complains that gangs from Taiwan are operating all over Asia — including a few [...]

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What is the East Asian Growth Model?

A recent posting on the excellent China briefing blog on whether China’s growth has/will hit a glass ceiling reminds me of another debate still in its opening stages: How will China’s growth be refracted through the debates over East Asian growth?
China’s growth trajectory might, on the surface, appear to be similar to that of South [...]

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