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Japan Focus: Good Articles, Formosa Savage, Good pics of the old days

Selling vegetables, Krosa or no Krosa.
Japan Focus has two interesting articles up in recent weeks. First, an article discusses Japan’s claim to some rocks…er…islands not far from Taiwan, and its effect on China’s Taiwan dreams and Japan relations:
The southernmost island of the Japanese archipelago has been a source of contention between Japan and China since [...]

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Japan-Taiwan Ties Slowly Move Forward

Kyodo News’ Taiwan correspondent Max Hirsch had an insightful, well-written piece in the Japan Times on the ongoing positive trend in Taiwan-Japan relations:
Taipei’s relations with Tokyo will remain strong despite jitters in Taiwan over whether new Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda will distance his country from the embattled island, experts say.
Like Shinzo Abe, his predecessor, Fukuda [...]

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Japanese War Dead Shrine in Taichung

My friend Jim over at Sponge Bear went up to Taoyuan the other day and stopped by the very well-preserved Shinto shrine there. The shrine was preserved only because the local government lacked the funds to remake it as a Confucian temple. Interest in these Japanese-period buildings has blossomed since the 1980s, as Taiwanese have [...]

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US, Taiwan, China, Japan: Two Views

Two Establishment views of the relations between the powers in East Asia popped up in the Japanese press this week. One, offered by Harvard PhD student Lief-Eric Eisley, has a series of recommendations for Taiwan, which is of course at fault in harming US-Taiwan relations (in a US establishment commentary, that goes without saying). Eisley [...]

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Arms Purchase: Junkets, State Department, Tkacik

David Isenberg writes on the visit of Taiwan legislators to the US to scout the submarine purchase:
The latest wrinkle in the long-running tale of US arms sales to Taiwan occurred last week when seven Taiwanese lawmakers from four different parties arrived in the United States on an 11-day visit to conduct a feasibility study for [...]

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Taiwan in Int’l Sports: Anthem Sparks Expansionist Ire, Red Sox Expand into Asia

Taiwan is making waves in international sports. First, the neandertals in Beijing reprimanded the government of Japan because the ROC anthem was played at a sporting event there. The Japan Times has the call:
China has lodged a formal protest with Japan over the playing of the Taiwanese national anthem at a basketball tournament in [...]

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Japanese Islanders Want Closer Relations With Taiwan

Japanese islanders want to open relations with Taiwan…..
HUALIEN, Taiwan–Twice snubbed by Tokyo, residents on Yonagunijima island, Japan’s westernmost point, are banking on Taiwan for survival.
Town officials from Yonaguni, Okinawa Prefecture, opened a liaison office here last week to revive the close ties with Taiwan that were severed when Okinawa reverted to Japanese control in 1972.
“The [...]

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Asia’s Glass Houses

Asia observer Phil Deans, formerly of SOAS at London University, discusses Asia’s glass houses in Newsweek. For those us who have noticed the irony of the CCP or the KMT complaining about Japanese murders, the article’s theme will be a familiar one:
These attempts, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s prevarications on the comfort-women question, have understandably [...]

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Japan Times: Democracy and the Legacy of Liberation

The other day the Japan Times commented on our mess here, and the legacy of the postwar world, with impairment of democracy all around:
Taiwanese politics appears to be “boiling.” Scandals involving political leaders or their relatives have “heated” the political waters. Seen from the perspectives of democracy, freedom, human rights, the rule of law and [...]

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Japan Times Clarifies Tokyo Dorm Mess

An editorial in the Japan Times threw some light on the Supreme Court decision that awarded the dorm to Beijing. Check out that opening paragraph:
In a bizarre 5-0 ruling that was 20 years in the making, the Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a lawsuit filed by the Taipei government against students living in a Kyoto [...]

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East Asia and Global Security

Two articles on global security and East Asia crossed my path this week. The first is from Japan Focus, and discusses the emerging alliance structure aimed at China that is growing now in Northeast Asia.
Secondly, by explicitly “affirming the common strategic interests and security benefits embodied in their respective alliance relationships with the United States, [...]

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Beijing Annexes Student Dorm

Readers may recall that back in October I reported on the ownership controversy of a student dorm in Japan. China scored once again in its quest to annex everything Taiwanese, as the PRC grabbed a student dorm they had never owned with the court ruling in its favor.

On Tuesday, Japan’s Supreme Court overturned a [...]

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CRS Specialist on US-Taiwan Relations

Gerrit van der Wees at FAPA passed this around (my comments in italics):
Frog in the Well and Chicken Little by Shirley Kan
PacNet 9A, February 28, 2007
A visit to Taiwan provides a reminder of the persistent gap in mutual perceptions between Americans and Taiwanese. From a U.S. perspective, Taiwan is like a frog in a well. [...]

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F-22s to Okinawa

The Washington Times is reporting that the US has deployed its advanced F-22 fighters to Okinawa.
GINOWAN, Japan - A deployment to Okinawa by the U.S. Air Force’s newest fighter jets presages plans to rapidly boost forces in the Pacific region in event of a crisis over North Korean nuclear weapons or a Chinese invasion of [...]

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Okinawan Deaths in 2-28

Taiwan News tells the fascinating tale of the killings among the Okinawan community in Taiwan during 2-28.

At that time, traders and fisherman came from Okinawa to Taiwan unaware of the chaos that the February 28th uprising against the then KMT governor general Chen Yi had caused. As a result, many became embroiled in the 228 [...]

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