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Paper on Parade: Japanese Colonialism and Stature in Taiwan

Last year China Quarterly published a very interesting paper on the standard of living of Taiwanese under Japanese colonialism entitled Was Japanese Colonialism Good for the Welfare of Taiwanese? Stature and Standard of Living by Stephen L. Morgan and Shiyung Liu. The China history blog Frog in a Well mentioned it, so I thought I’d [...]

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How influential was Japanese Colonialism in Postwar Development?

In the news today: India moves past Taiwan on the foreign currency reserve rankings. Just another example of our collapsing economy — now we only have the fifth largest foreign currency reserves in the world.
Speaking of development, I was poking around the internet the other day — the joys of vacation! — and found this [...]

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Linda Arrigo: Experiencing Taiwan Social History

Linda Arrigo graciously consented to let me put this presentation on my blog as JPGs. These are photos and slides from a presentation on cemetaries around her university in Taipei. The photos were taken by someone who accompanied Linda, not me.

The trip follows the windy road in the center of the picture.

The gatehouse on the [...]

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Way Cool Taiwan 1930s Image Collection

Photographer extraordinaire Craig Ferguson flipped me this link to the Gerald Warner Taiwan Image Collection at Lafayette College. The collection consists of images of Taiwan taken between 1937 and 1941.
Totaling 340 photographs and postcards gathered by Warner between August 26, 1937 and March 8, 1941, these images provide a snapshot of Taiwan’s hybrid culture of [...]

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Japan’s Imperial Networks: Taiwan and Manchuria

Japan Focus, where there are always interesting articles, has two good offerings this week. First, an interesting connection between the Japanese puppet state of Manchuko and Taiwan under Japanese imperial rule emerges in this piece on Manchuko. One of the ways that being a Japanese colony affected Taiwan was that it enabled thousands of Taiwanese [...]

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Digital Sources on The History of Kaohsiung

On H-Asia a scholar asked where she could find pics and maps, especially online, from the 1930s through the 1950s, on the city of Kaohsiung. Just to give you an idea of what’s out there, here are some of the replies:
The Kaohsiung Museum of History has set up an online “image bank” through which you [...]

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Republic of China Air Force Day and Taiwan

One of Taiwan’s little-known history aspects is how some important moments in Imperial Japan’s military history were made on the island. For example, it was from a hill in Tunghsiao in Miaoli that the Russian fleet was sighted, making it possible for Togo to win his famous victory at Tsushima.
Another milestone out of Taiwan was [...]

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The Japanese Firebase

On Friday two I got together with two friends of mine for a trip up into the mountains of Miaoli to explore an old Japanese firebase on a promotory overlooking the Ta-an River.

The fun began with a trip to the Taichung HSR station, deliberately reminiscent of an airport, to pick up a friend from Taipei.

The [...]

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New Railroad Museum Planned in Downtown Taipei

The China Post reports that a new railroad museum that takes advantage of the Japanese era buildings in the city center is in the planning stage:
In an effort to revitalize Taipei City’s old downtown center, the Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA) has initiated plans to renovate the historic buildings around the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) [...]

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