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Election Day Hike

On election day, rather than torture myself by waiting for the election returns, I went hiking in Keelung to visit some of the old military structures in the area and hang out with my good friends Jeff Miller, Michael Fahey, and an Englishman named Laurence, of the Petrochemical Industry. (As always, click on any pic [...]

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Two Views of Keelung Harbor

Reader Kent from Hawaii sent me these two photos of Keelung from the 1960s. Does anyone have a modern photo from the same angle?
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Keelung & Family: Today and Yesterday

Schoolgirls getting class for lunch. On Sunday.
My busy last weekend saw me in Keelung on Sunday morning for my wife’s third uncle’s 70th birthday party. Of course I came early and walked around, but I let the kids take most of the shots.

We had lunch at a famous seafood place in the Hsinyi District of [...]

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Blue team picks vote buyer for Keelung Mayor Election

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and its spinoff kid brother, the People’s First Party (PFP), jointly known as the pan-Blue coalition, have supposedly chosen Chang Tong-rong as their candidate for the Keelung Mayoral election necessitated by the death of Hsu Tai-li, the previous mayor. Chang is currently the speaker of the city council.
Hsu had been [...]

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Yangming Cruise Ship and Keelung

The new port near Bali northwest of Taipei.
The government of Taiwan is currently building a port at the mouth of the Tamsui River, upriver from Taipei. The long-term plan is to shift the container traffic to that port, and use the picturesque port of Keelung for tourism. Yesterday Yangming, a major Taiwan shipper and shipbuilder, [...]

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