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Kitty Hawkin’ France

Last year China offered us L’Affaire Kitty Hawk (my long blogpost). Readers may recall that China had denied the US carrier Kitty Hawk entry into Hong Kong port for a normal Thanksgiving visit, an event followed by truculent explanations, but which in the end appeared to be a communciations eff-up. About the same time it [...]

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Catapulting the Propaganda

The powerful effect of pro-China propagandizing is seen in this translation of a piece from the Asia Times on the US Nimitz deployment to Japan, arguing that it is linked to the Taiwan election in March:
The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz of the US Navy arrived in Japan on 11 February. An analysis maintains that [...]

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The Kitty Hawk Confrontation Crisis

The China Times reported on this; Kyodo News picked it up:
A Chinese attack submarine and destroyer in November last year shadowed U.S. warships in the Taiwan Strait, sparking a 28-hour standoff that brought the group to a battle-ready halt in the tense waters, a report in a Taiwan daily said Tuesday.

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Last Two Nelson Reports: Taiwan Highlights

Chris Nelson of the Nelson Report is back from surgery and once again passing around insight into the Beltway Mind. Here’s his latest excerpt on Taiwan affairs:
It sounds like the private Chinese discussions of late mirror almost exactly much of the substance of concerns aired at Heritage, including what Taiwan law may require in the [...]

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