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Ma’s Inaugural Speech: a look

I’ve decided to go over Ma’s inaugural address. Most of these insights, including all of the translation stuff (make your own judgment about the good faith of the English translators), belong to others; I have only borrowed them….it begins:
Taiwan’s RenaissanceHeads of State of Our Diplomatic Allies, Distinguished Guests, Overseas Compatriots, My Fellow Taiwanese, and Dear [...]

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Our Extraterritorial "Free Trade" Zones

Taiwan News has a nifty editorial on the growing momentum towards the One Country, Two Systems approach in the KMT. The editorial also calls into question the new “free trade” zones, which are being used, as many of us feared, as extraterritorial trojan horses in many different ways. Because the zones are exempt from many [...]

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Local Buddhist Figure says China should talk to the Dalai Lama

Fo Guang Shan, northeast of Kaohsiung city.
The head of one of Taiwan’s main Buddhist temples, Master Hsing Yun of Fo Kuang Shan, had a few words yesterday for the leaders of China:
The Dalai Lama’s envoys are due to fly to China from India on Saturday to meet their Chinese counterparts over the crisis in Tibet, [...]

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Ma is Lai-ing

UPDATE II: I’m leaving this post up but now several people whom I trust have emailed me to tell me I’m wrong about the Deep Blues — the Deep Blue KMT reaction is for real and Ma is in the middle of the road reaching for allies in the Lee Teng-hui crowd against the hardline [...]

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Bonnie Glaser for CSIS on Taiwan-China Relations

The Nelson Report has the latest from CSIS’ Bonnie Glaser on Ma Ying-jeou’s victory and what the US should be doing. Glaser is normally a first class commentator on Taiwan affairs, but this one is well-below her usual standards….

CHINA-TAIWAN…with President-elect Ma’s inauguration getting closer, Beijing is still locked in a debate over what, and when [...]

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Controversy over Lai as MAC head Continues

I blogged the other day on the MAC appointment of Lai Shin-yuan (賴幸媛), a Taiwan Solidarity Union politician who was also Taiwan’s WHO negotiator and whom, I was told by someone who had worked with her, is an anti-globalization lefty. The incoming premier appointed Lai to head up the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), Taiwan’s chief [...]

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"Pro-Independence" Politician to head MAC: Yawn

That sucking sound you heard today was for once not jobs going to China but instead, the collective in-breath of the world media. Big news today was that Lai Shin-yuan (賴幸媛), a politician from the “pro-independence” (”surprise choice“; “counter to the pervasive mood of thawing“; “pro-independence figure“) Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) was appointed to head [...]

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And so it begins….? I think not.

After the legislative and presidential elections, several KMT heavyweights, including the President and Veep-elects, pointed to Singapore as a model for one-party rule.
As many of you are aware, Singapore has a reputation for using lawsuits by the ruling party’s politicians to suppress dissent. Is Taiwan moving in that direction? The Deputy Mayor of Taipei, a [...]

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Those Choosy Voters in Our Maturing Democracy

Taiwan Journal hosts a commentary by David Lorenzo of Virginia Wesleyan on how the election confirms Taiwan’s maturing democracy. This article describes what has become the new, and very widespread CW:
Taiwan’s recent presidential election did more than just determine the future of its executive branch and signal future directions in policy with China. It also [...]

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Ma Worships at the Tomb

Kudos to AP for correctly labeling Chiang a ‘dictator’ as President-elect Ma Ying-jeou went to the Tomb of the Dead Dictator to pay his respects…
Taiwan’s president-elect bowed in front of Chiang Kai-shek’s mausoleum Saturday to commemorate the anniversary of the dictator’s death, a departure from the outgoing government’s efforts to distance itself from the late [...]

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US Awakens, Finds Coffee Aromatic?

The Taipei Times headline says it all: US wary of warmer Taiwan-China ties. Charles Synder in Washington tells the tale:
Some US officials fear that under Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) presidency, the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) might swing far enough toward China that it could affect US interests in Taiwan and damage US interests in the [...]

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DPP Chairman Discussions

Sign of the rising price of metal: One of my neighbors is an artist who works in various metals. This weekend he surprised a thief attempting to make off with some metal which he had kept as parts for his work. The thief had stolen one basket and was surprised when he came back for [...]

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Ma China Times Ad Says Taiwan’s Fate is for Taiwanese to Decide

Feiren alerted me to this ad by KMT Presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou on the second page of the China Times to mark the 3rd Anniversary of the Anti-Secession Law. Feiren did a quickie translation of it:
We firmly hold that Taiwan’s future must be decided by people of Taiwan.Defend the Republic of China’s sovereignty and firmly [...]

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The Flow of Crap: Day 3: BBC’s Alternate Universe (UPDATE 1)

I’ve decided to have one post like this each day, where we put the latest media fun, updated as the day goes on.
Today maddog alerted me to this report from BBC’s alternate universe. That’s the universe where, two years later, you can still read on their Taiwan timeline that Chen Shui-bian devolved his powers onto [...]

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And so….the flow of crap begins…..

For the last month or so, as the parade of journalists reviews our elections here, I’ve been bracing for the stories. You know, the klewless, shallow, I’ve-just-parachuted-in stuff that marks the very worst the international media can produce, stuff that mainlines KMT talking points and causes errors we had thought killed to rise, zombie-like, from [...]

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