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Korea at a Crossroads

We’ve recently been discussing the Korean economy on this blog, which the European Chamber of Commerce says we really ought to emulate. Feiren flipped me this wonderful piece from FEER on Korea’s economy and the upcoming election (it’s pay to view, so only half is here). See any similarities with our situation in Taiwan?
In meeting [...]

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What Can Taiwan Really Learn from Korea.

It’s fashionable to hold up South Korea as an example to Taiwan. The European Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, clearly living in an alternate reality, became the latest follower of that trend when it announced that the reason that Taiwan has not done as well as Korea has is because it isn’t open to China [...]

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Nelson Report on Co-Management

The Nelson Report from a few days ago discusses the emerging “co-management” view of US-China relations….which excludes Japan and Taiwan.
CHINA…there’s always several things going on in DC that relate to US-China relations management of some kind, and the trick is to be in several places at once, so you can keep up.
In other words, thank [...]

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Taiwanese Fraud Gangs Spread the Love Across Asia

For quite some time now I’ve been arguing that the government needs to do more about the local fraud gangs that operate in conjunction with Chinese gangs and use the latest technology to carry out their operations. Now the Asahi Shimbun complains that gangs from Taiwan are operating all over Asia — including a few [...]

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What is the East Asian Growth Model?

A recent posting on the excellent China briefing blog on whether China’s growth has/will hit a glass ceiling reminds me of another debate still in its opening stages: How will China’s growth be refracted through the debates over East Asian growth?
China’s growth trajectory might, on the surface, appear to be similar to that of South [...]

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