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Kingming Liu in PostGlobal

Kinming Liu, former Washington-based columnist for Asian newspapers, asks that Washington stand up to China the way it has stood up to Russia on the Kosovo issue, in the Washington Post forums:
I could only wish the U.S. and Europe would have the same courage to poke a stick to another big power in order to [...]

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Kosovo Declares Independence as Taiwan Watches

Recognize this scenario? A small US-allied state declares independence. Its large neighbor, a regional power, objects and conspires to keep it out of the UN, while a bordering nation declares that the newly-independent state’s freedom is illegitimate and it is forever part of its sacred national territory.
The parallels aren’t perfect, but they exist, and Taiwan’s [...]

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Other Nations’ Independence and Taiwan

This week the media brings us two tales of independence that are Taiwan-connected, one from India, one from Kosovo. A reader alerted me to this piece in the International Herald Tribune on the issues that independence for Kosovo creates for China. To wit:
Kosovo may be geographically removed from East Asia but what happens there could [...]

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US, Taiwan, China, Japan: Two Views

Two Establishment views of the relations between the powers in East Asia popped up in the Japanese press this week. One, offered by Harvard PhD student Lief-Eric Eisley, has a series of recommendations for Taiwan, which is of course at fault in harming US-Taiwan relations (in a US establishment commentary, that goes without saying). Eisley [...]

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Taiwan News: Why Kosovo, not Taiwan?

Taiwan News editorializes on the contrasting views of the US toward tiny Kosovo and Taiwan:
Speaking in Tirana, Albania on Sunday, U.S. President George W. Bush called for recognition of the independence of the Balkan territory of Kosovo, a landlocked province of Serbia with a majority Albanian population, which has been under United Nations administration and [...]

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