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Prof Says Housing Bubble on its way

A leading researcher on real estate in Taiwan has warned that the housing market is looking a lot like a bubble…
After two and half a years of brisk business, the Taiwan housing market, especially that of Taipei, appears to have inflated a major bubble, warned Chin-o Chang, professor of land management science at the National [...]

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Chatting with Somebody: Professor Thomas Liou

With this post I’m initiating what I hope will become a regular feature on the blog every couple of weeks: Chatting with Somebody — chats and interviews with local people who are involved in interesting things. This first one is with Professor Thomas Liou, Chairman of the Urban Planning Department at Fengchia University (pic, left). [...]

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Smangus Tree Battle

The aboriginal town of Smangus has found itself in that ugly spot between official intransigence and local traditions — and so far imperialism is winning. The Taipei Times gives a brief account:
A group of Atayal Aborigines from Smangus Village in Hsinchu County yesterday said they would appeal a Taiwan High Court ruling that sentenced [...]

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