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Lafayette Case Resurfaces

The Lafayette case, the kickback scandal involving France, China, and the KMT, is a still limping along. Last year it surfaced briefly when the Swiss returned some money to Taiwan. Now the day before President-elect Ma Ying-jeou is sworn in, the district court plans to call as witnesses reactionary right-wing heavyweight politician Hau Pei-tsun, father [...]

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Japanese Paper interviews Lee

The Daily Yomiuri hosts an interview with former President Lee Teng-hui.
Some observers of Japan-Taiwan affairs have been concerned that Ma, who swept to victory in last month’s presidential election, could take the wind out of attempts to improve relations. Ma has previously taken a hard-line stance on the Senkaku Islands, which also are claimed by [...]

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Lee Teng-hui Nixed Secret Meeting with China’s Jiang in 1990s

Max Hirsch of Kyodo reported a couple of days ago that Lee Teng-hui nixed a secret meeting in the Strait aboard a ship with President Jiang of China:
Former Taiwanese president Lee Teng-hui admitted in a recent exclusive with Kyodo News that he had nixed a covert meeting with then Chinese President Jiang Zemin in the [...]

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Review: Richard Kagan’s New Book On Lee Teng-hui

The Taipei Times didn’t want this, so here it is: my review of Richard Kagan’s new book on Lee Teng-hui:
Taiwan’s Statesman: Lee Teng-hui and Democracy in AsiaRichard C. KaganNaval Institute Press, 2007, 231p
In an oft-quoted passage, the ancient Roman biographer, Plutarch once explained his philosophy thus: “in the most illustrious deeds there is not always [...]

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Richard Kagan Announces New Book on Lee Teng-Hui

Taiwan Scholar Richard Kagan announces his new bio of Lee Teng-hui.
Member Publication: Kagan,_Taiwan’s Statesman: Lee Teng-hui and Democracy in Asia_********************From: Richard C. Kagan
I am writing to introduce my book to my colleagues. I would appreciate any comments, criticisms, and discussion.
The full citation is :
_Taiwan’s Statesman: Lee Teng-hui and Democracy in Asia_. Naval Institute Press. [...]

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Zhou Wenzhong at Cornell: Response

Jim Shen passed me this link to his excellent editorial on the “Peaceful Rise” of China in the Cornell newspaper on the occasion of the visit by China’s ambassador to the US:
In his visit to Cornell last week, Chinese ambassador to the U.S. Zhou Wenzhong spoke of China’s peaceful rise. For those wondering why Zhou’s [...]

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President Floats Name Change Trial Balloon

With the legislative elections on the agenda for December, identity politics are already in full bore. We already had the experience of 2-28, and with the 20th anniversary of the lifting of martial law in 1987 happening in July, we can expect plenty more use of the same tactics by the DPP. Meanwhile the President, [...]

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