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KMT Stolen Asset Presentation

Linda Arrigo and Jerome Keating alert the world to a presentation on the KMT’s asset issue.
To all,Linda Arrigo passes on an upcoming presentation on the KMT property and division of wealth in Taiwan after WWII on June 10, Sunday at National Taiwan Normal Univ. (Shida) This is what is often referred to as the “stolen [...]

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Taiwan’s Outrageous Emissions Problem

For a nation that begs the sympathy of the world, Taiwan is certainly not acting like a good citizen of it. Max Hirsch of the Taipei Times writes on Taiwan’s disgusting emissions behavior, as the Ministry of Education is trying to get schools to conserve even as new industrial infrastructure creates pollution that dwarfs any [...]

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Petitioning the Emperor

Posing with Taiwan into the UN flags.
Saturday I was delighted to spend the afternoon hanging out with Linda Arrigo, a longterm expat here prominently associated with the democracy and independence movement here in Taiwan during the 1970s and 1980s. Linda is a font of information and opinions, acutely intelligent, uncompromising, opinionated, and extremely funny, she [...]

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