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Patterns in the international media

From the moment of my birthTo the instant of my death,There are patterns I must followJust as I must breathe each breath.Like a rat in a mazeThe path before me lies,And the pattern never altersUntil the rat dies.There’s a clearly discernible pattern in the way the international media views Taiwan. In the western media, characterized [...]

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Nelson Report on Ma Speech

The latest Nelson Report contains more insight on the Ma inaugural address. My comments in brackets:
TAIWAN…President Ma was inaugurated this week, an event witnessed by a large and varied US delegation, and his speech was much anticipated as an indicator of how he intends to pitch the political/diplomatic relationship with “the Mainland”…and with the US.
We [...]

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Obama’s letter to Ma

Future President Obama sent a congratulatory letter to Taiwan’s new President:
Dear President Ma:
Please accept my warmest congratulations on your inauguration as the new President of Taiwan. This is an important event in the political history of the island, one which can deepen the ties between the United States and Taiwan. A sound U.S.-Taiwan relationship [...]

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Ma’s Inaugural Speech: a look

I’ve decided to go over Ma’s inaugural address. Most of these insights, including all of the translation stuff (make your own judgment about the good faith of the English translators), belong to others; I have only borrowed them….it begins:
Taiwan’s RenaissanceHeads of State of Our Diplomatic Allies, Distinguished Guests, Overseas Compatriots, My Fellow Taiwanese, and Dear [...]

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President Ma is Sworn in

WSJ transposes a couple of consonants in the print edition of Shelly Rigger’s commentary on the new President.
Stuff piling on thick and fast today. CNN has a short piece ahead of Ma’s swearing-in. Taiwan News makes some excellent points on the KMT’s abuse of the voters to get Ma elected president. Rigger has a piece [...]

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A Day of New Beginnings….

It’s truly a day of new beginnings. Later today new President Ma is sworn in and will speak. What will the future bring? To get a sense of how far we’ve come, enjoy these slides from a US soldier stationed here in 1969-71.
Also today pro-independence groups will rally. Details from a friend:
There’s going to be [...]

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Taiwan Journal on Ma’s Infrastructure Plans

Taiwan Journal offers two articles on Ma Ying-jeou’s infrastructure policies. The first looks at the finances:
During the campaign, Ma stated a goal called “633,” which stands for 6 percent economic growth, per capita income of US$30,000 and an unemployment rate of less than 3 percent by 2016. To achieve these targets, when the new government [...]

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Ma and Chthonic make the news

Time Magazine offered a selection of the world’s 100 most influential people. Appearing at number 19 is one Ma Ying-jeou, picked as one of the world’s most influential people. Actually, I have no objection to that pick — Ma will help preserve or destroy the freedoms of 23 million Taiwanese, and simultaneously validate or reject [...]

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Ma is Lai-ing

UPDATE II: I’m leaving this post up but now several people whom I trust have emailed me to tell me I’m wrong about the Deep Blues — the Deep Blue KMT reaction is for real and Ma is in the middle of the road reaching for allies in the Lee Teng-hui crowd against the hardline [...]

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Bonnie Glaser for CSIS on Taiwan-China Relations

The Nelson Report has the latest from CSIS’ Bonnie Glaser on Ma Ying-jeou’s victory and what the US should be doing. Glaser is normally a first class commentator on Taiwan affairs, but this one is well-below her usual standards….

CHINA-TAIWAN…with President-elect Ma’s inauguration getting closer, Beijing is still locked in a debate over what, and when [...]

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Controversy over Lai as MAC head Continues

I blogged the other day on the MAC appointment of Lai Shin-yuan (賴幸媛), a Taiwan Solidarity Union politician who was also Taiwan’s WHO negotiator and whom, I was told by someone who had worked with her, is an anti-globalization lefty. The incoming premier appointed Lai to head up the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), Taiwan’s chief [...]

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US Weapons Give Taiwan Confidence to Seek Peace with China

A moment of silence for Bo Yang, the famed mainlander writer, critic, and gadfly jailed under the KMT, who died yesterday at the age of 88, of lung disease. If you haven’t laughed your way through his satirical collection of writing on Chinese culture called The Ugly Chinaman, you should….(Wiki on Bo Yang)
In case you [...]

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And so it begins….? I think not.

After the legislative and presidential elections, several KMT heavyweights, including the President and Veep-elects, pointed to Singapore as a model for one-party rule.
As many of you are aware, Singapore has a reputation for using lawsuits by the ruling party’s politicians to suppress dissent. Is Taiwan moving in that direction? The Deputy Mayor of Taipei, a [...]

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Nelson Report: Andrew Card to Lead US Delegation

Many news sources are reporting that Andrew Card, with longstanding ties to the Bush family, will be sent to represent the US at Ma’s swearing-in. The Nelson Report, the Washington Insider Report, with the latest on that and the Administration:
TAIWAN…a final quick note…Administration sources had hinted for some time that the White House would try [...]

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The Ma Dilemma in Foreign Relations: "If Taiwan can have better relations with China…"

There’s a new democratic wind blowing in Paraguay, and according to a report in the Paraguayan paper La Nacion and a recent Taiwan News editorial, things in Paraguay are looking grim for Taiwan (Espanol to Ingles translation by Google):
Taiwan announced today that it will strengthen its communications with the Paraguayan president-elect, former Catholic Bishop Fernando [...]

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