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Taiwan: Still Makin’ One Thing Into Another

With all the focus on our IT industry here — and Intel with another $500 million investment — it’s good to recall that in Taiwan real men still bash metal:
According to statistics compiled by Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), Taiwan`s machinery exports reached US$3.851 billion or NT$122.1 billion in the first quarter of this [...]

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To Change China?

In the run-up to the 2000 Taiwan election, the Washington Post featured a short piece by a reporter named John Pomfret, an interview with then-presidential candidate James Soong. Pomfret presented Soong, at that time a lifelong opponent of democracy, as a democratic reformer. I responded with a short letter protesting this mischaracterization of Soong’s political [...]

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Bringer of Peace

See my eyes, I can hardly see.See me stand, I can hardly walk.I believe you can make me whole.Longtime Asian scholar Ezra Vogel has a very mixed piece in the Boston Globe that combines a couple of quite truthful observations on the US attitude toward Taiwan with some disgusting deification of Ma….first the good part:
The [...]

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Lafayette Case Resurfaces

The Lafayette case, the kickback scandal involving France, China, and the KMT, is a still limping along. Last year it surfaced briefly when the Swiss returned some money to Taiwan. Now the day before President-elect Ma Ying-jeou is sworn in, the district court plans to call as witnesses reactionary right-wing heavyweight politician Hau Pei-tsun, father [...]

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Latest Nelson Reports

The Nelson Report from last week noted (highlights are mine):
US/CHINA/TAIWAN…Asst. Sec. State Chris Hill, somewhere in Indonesia today, apparently told a journalist that the President has ruled “no” on a visa request by Taiwan President-elect Ma Ying-jeou to visit Washington prior to the Inauguration in May.
No one involved will be surprised when this is formally [...]

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Alan Romberg on Ma, Pressures on Ma

Want bulk indian spices? My wife orders them off Yahoo — the big silver bags range from $60 for a bag of turmeric to $120 for a bag of cloves. This week I am existing on cabbage and tomato curry. Yum.
The Council on Foreign Relations offers this interview with Taiwan expert Alan Romberg, on the [...]

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Ma charter flight plan opens July 4 (UPDATED with nuke plants)

Ma speaking at the Dead Dictator’s Tomb (Taipei Times). Looks like a Photoshop moment, but it’s for real. Cries out for captioning.China Economic Review says Ma’s charter flight plan commences July 4:
The National Policy Foundation, a think tank of Ma’s Nationalist Party or Kuomintang, said in a recent report that it had completed the direct [...]

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Ma Worships at the Tomb

Kudos to AP for correctly labeling Chiang a ‘dictator’ as President-elect Ma Ying-jeou went to the Tomb of the Dead Dictator to pay his respects…
Taiwan’s president-elect bowed in front of Chiang Kai-shek’s mausoleum Saturday to commemorate the anniversary of the dictator’s death, a departure from the outgoing government’s efforts to distance itself from the late [...]

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US Awakens, Finds Coffee Aromatic?

The Taipei Times headline says it all: US wary of warmer Taiwan-China ties. Charles Synder in Washington tells the tale:
Some US officials fear that under Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) presidency, the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) might swing far enough toward China that it could affect US interests in Taiwan and damage US interests in the [...]

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Media views of Ma and Taiwan

Imagine this: Ma Ying-jeou criticized in the international English-language media.
I’m not kidding you.
Stephen Nelson in Asia Times has a nifty piece pointing out that Ma Ying-jeou is a man who has reimagined himself in the last two years:
Shortly after becoming KMT chairman in mid-2005, Ma told the Associated Press that - if he became president [...]

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1992 Consensus Rises from the Grave

The Taipei Times reports on Hu Jin-tao’s phone conversation with President “Not since Montezuma handed his empire to the Spanish has there been a worse leader” Bush. The key comment was in this paragraph:
In response, Hu indicated a willingness to reopen cross-strait talks on the basis of the so-called “1992 consensus,” which stipulates that both [...]

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Not Being Careful What You Wish For

The Pacific islands’ relationship with Taiwan is back in the news. Last January I discussed several articles on Taiwan’s diplomatic initiatives in the South Seas. I cited one piece which said:
Following destructive riots in the Solomons capital Honiara in April, the Australian and New Zealand governments criticised the Taiwanese government for engaging in chequebook diplomacy [...]

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Fox Paws and Snafus

The Taipei Times reported that President elect Ma Ying-jeou had already flatpetered his first essay into the US-China-Taiwan diplomatic swamp:
The US administration on Monday sidestepped questions about whether president-elect Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) would be permitted to visit Washington before his inauguration in May, while some sources said that Ma may already have sparked a [...]

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The Political Economy of the Taiwan Special Administrative Region, 2008-2016

Old military works outside of the port of Keelung.
…excerpted with permission from Mai Che-en’s The Political Economy of the Taiwan Special Administrative Region 2008-2016, published in June of 2017, Armonk: ME Sharpe.
….in the summer of 2008 controls on Chinese investment in Taiwan were lifted, and both Chinese capital and international capital flowed into Taiwan [...]

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Robin Winkler on the Green Card Issue

Robin Winkler’s office flipped me this translation of a piece from the Liberty Times, an interview with Robin Winkler on the Green Card issue. Most foreigners don’t get the whole green card thing, especially in Taipei, where there is widespread dismissal of any possibility of its effectiveness. Yes, and they tell me Ma is winning [...]

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