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Those Stimulating Market Rip-offs

Now that the price of everything is going up, rip-offs in the markets are on the rise. The same one struck our family this week in distant morning markets in Taichung and Yungho. My father in law, who is over 80 and no longer clear in his mind, came home from the market the other [...]

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New Years Market

The weather has been awful, or I’d be out taking more pictures…apologies for that lack. The weather gods gave us nothing yesterday, which didn’t stop these hardy souls above from visiting the butcher in the market, but today dawned gloriously. Grocery list in hand, we headed into town to push and shove our way through [...]

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Marketing and Singing Pics

On Saturday, after geocaching on Friday, The Bushman and I headed off to the Taichung Fish Market, women and children in tow.

The only thing new since my last visit was this shaded walkway…

Sugar cane for juicing.

The Bushman, my wife, and Sheridan

The vendors were setting the food out for lunch, sumptuous colors illuminated by bright flourescent [...]

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Yung An Fish Market

Mom and kids. Ok, so it has nothing to do with the fish market. But I love spiders…
On Sunday morning I went out with my friend Michael the Bushman and his lovely consort Hui-chen to visit the Yung-an Fish Market in Hsinchu. We had viewed it from the north and the south, now it was [...]

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