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Ma on CNN

A Ma fan in a local office.
Ma Ying-jeou was on CNN’s Talk Asia the other day. PART 1, PART 2. The CNN text is a priceless mishmash of KMT talking points and erroneous information that is insulting to both Ma and its readers. Here is the header….
….which refers to “premier” Ma. In the text, [...]

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Media Moments

J. Michael Cole’s Far Eastern Sweet Potato found a doozy from AP the other day:
Language, language, how it shapes our perception of reality, especially when it is used by supposed “reliable” news organizations. I came upon a beautiful series of pictures taken in Taiwan yesterday of members of the country’s Amnesty International branch arranging their [...]

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China Times Editorial on Ma Ying-jeou

It’s funny — Ma was elected president even though there is a deep dissatisfaction with him within the KMT — really because there was no one else. The China Times (translation from KNN) editorialized today on God Ma and his many human failings:
President Ma Ying-jeou probably never imagined in his entire life that his popularity [...]

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"You don’t do enough" crowd: Apologies, please

Over the last three years, as I’ve followed the news on Taiwan, one of the hottest issues has been the special budget for the purchase of submarines, P-3C antisubmarine aircraft, and Patriot missiles (good background piece). Despite the fact that Taiwan has consistently been among the world’s top purchasers of arms under the outgoing Lee [...]

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Pomfret’s Latest on Taiwan: the arms freeze

John Pomfret in the China blog faces an unenviable task. Writing on China-Taiwan issues is not easy, because they are so controversial. But that is no excuse for the completely erroneous screed that appeared on WaPo this week in Pomfret’s China, the Post blog feature. I answered a couple of main points and repost below, [...]

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Media News

Joe Hung in the China Post has a long opinion piece on the crowded newspaper situation in Taiwan and the upcoming bloodletting…
One thing must be clearly understood. Media are subject to the Darwinian law of survival for the fittest, call it the law of the jungle, if you will. Only the fittest of newspapers can [...]

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An Island Divided.

The Age out of Australia has an excellent piece on our divided island that refracts the island’s identity politics and democratic transition through the life of Peter Huang, the would-be assassin of Chiang Ching-kuo who now heads Amnesty Taiwan. Huang would have made a second attempt at a nuclear power plant in Nevada, Linda Arrigo [...]

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Media Changes

The China Post yesterday reported that the China Times, the Chinese language paper that was once the Xinhua of Taiwan and remains ardently pro-Blue, will reconstitute itself in tabloid format in a couple of months:
No date has been fixed for the downsizing, which the paper said is necessary after the rise in the cost of [...]

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Agreement Inked on Regular Direct Flights

Reuters is one of many media outlets announcing the big news:
China and Taiwan signed a landmark deal on Friday to launch regular flights between the long-time rivals as politics was put aside in favour of practicalities in the first such talks in almost a decade.
Apart from special holidays, there have been no regular direct flights [...]

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I think the next few months are going to fun as we watch the Blue media sort out how it is going to react to having a Blue legislature and a Blue Administration in power. For the last eight years the Blue media here have taken leave from ethics and restraint in unabashed bashing of [...]

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SCMP Commentary on Ma

And now for something completely different: I got flipped a version of Michael Fahey’s commentary in the South China Morning Post, and a version of that now appears here. Compare this to the two pieces in the post below this one:
Taiwan’s conservative new president Ma Ying-jeou began his term with burst of symbolic activity and [...]

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Two Views of Ma

I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers. – Gandhi
The international media came out with two views of Ma this week that make a startling contrast. One in Forbes refers to Ma’s past in the KMT party-state, rare for a piece in the international media. The other, from Tom Plate at AsiaMedia, discusses [...]

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Patterns in the international media

From the moment of my birthTo the instant of my death,There are patterns I must followJust as I must breathe each breath.Like a rat in a mazeThe path before me lies,And the pattern never altersUntil the rat dies.There’s a clearly discernible pattern in the way the international media views Taiwan. In the western media, characterized [...]

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Retrospectives Begin….Reuters on Chen’s Legacy

Apologies: I’m working on migrating the blog and comments may be off from time to time. If you can’t post, return later.
Ralph Jennings at Reuters has put together a retrospective on the Chen Shui-bian presidency that focuses on China policy…
His wife may have been indicted for graft and his anti-China rage upset major ally the [...]

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Short Shorts for Today

Up today over at the anthro blog Savage Minds is a hilarious map showing A Taiwanese View of the World.
Also up is the new issue of China Security, which focuses on the Taiwan issue. The TOC:
More Carrot Than Stick: Beijing’s Emerging Taiwan Policy PDF 535KB Chong-Pin Lin
Peace Agreement: The [...]

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