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Ma is Lai-ing

UPDATE II: I’m leaving this post up but now several people whom I trust have emailed me to tell me I’m wrong about the Deep Blues — the Deep Blue KMT reaction is for real and Ma is in the middle of the road reaching for allies in the Lee Teng-hui crowd against the hardline [...]

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Reports from places great and small

Out in Oklahoma, an opinion piece comments on the election in ‘the Asian nation most like our own.’
In a recent interview, Joseph Wu, director of Taiwan’s Washington office, told me popular support for the murkily defined status quo in PRC relations exceeds 80 percent.
Americans must be attentive to Taiwan’s needs, and here’s why. Taiwan is [...]

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Media views of Ma and Taiwan

Imagine this: Ma Ying-jeou criticized in the international English-language media.
I’m not kidding you.
Stephen Nelson in Asia Times has a nifty piece pointing out that Ma Ying-jeou is a man who has reimagined himself in the last two years:
Shortly after becoming KMT chairman in mid-2005, Ma told the Associated Press that - if he became president [...]

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Media Quick Hits

I’m off camping in Gukeng, the center of Taiwan’s coffee production. Coffee-themed kitsch on a galactic scale…. Meantime lots of commentary out there on the Taiwan election. First is this disturbing editorial from Taiwan News on the human rights situation and the KMT. The money quote:
However, many actions and statements of KMT legislators since Ma’s [...]

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Two from the International Media

You keep reading ‘em, I’ll keep churning ‘em out….
Jon Adams, the local correspondent who has been turning out some really high quality stuff recently, visited Kinmen this week to take a peek at the future of Taiwan-China relations….

Direct cross-strait travel is largely prohibited because of the decades-old standoff between Taiwan and China. But here in [...]

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Pre-mortem: How the International Media have Failed Taiwan

A 3-D presentation at the 2-28 Museum shows the spread of the revolt across Taiwan in early March of 1947.First, moment of humor, courtesy of my friend Sponge Bear. For some reason raving China apologist Gregory Clark still gets space in the Japan Times, and he has another one of his excuses for murdered Tibetans [...]

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Jamestown Foundation Backgrounder on Election

Michael Hsiao, the well-known sociologist and advisor to administrations in Taiwan, has a nifty overview of the election and the two candidates at the Jamestown Foundation. Among the highlights:
To Ma, the issue of Taiwan’s “national” identity is more complicated and still burdened by the legacy of the Chinese civil war between the KMT and the [...]

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The Flow of Crap: Day 3: BBC’s Alternate Universe (UPDATE 1)

I’ve decided to have one post like this each day, where we put the latest media fun, updated as the day goes on.
Today maddog alerted me to this report from BBC’s alternate universe. That’s the universe where, two years later, you can still read on their Taiwan timeline that Chen Shui-bian devolved his powers onto [...]

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And so..the flow of crap continues Day 2

A-gu just emailed me to inform me that my dream had come true: Jane Rickards has another slanted piece in the Washington Post. The reason he said that is because last night I had emailed several people saying I couldn’t wait for the inevitable dreck from Rickards, and sure enough, it’s out today, right on [...]

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And so….the flow of crap begins…..

For the last month or so, as the parade of journalists reviews our elections here, I’ve been bracing for the stories. You know, the klewless, shallow, I’ve-just-parachuted-in stuff that marks the very worst the international media can produce, stuff that mainlines KMT talking points and causes errors we had thought killed to rise, zombie-like, from [...]

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New Zogby Poll on Independence

Zogby has a new poll on Taiwan independence beliefs among the Taiwanese. The press release says:

Zogby Poll: 85% in Taiwan Support Petitioning U.N. for Membership
Survey finds most view themselves as Taiwanese and believe Taiwan is an independent nation, not a part of China
The vast majority of adults in Taiwan – 85% – believe the government [...]

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Seen around the Web

With 700 reporters descending on the island to cover our elections, plenty of media coverage of Taiwan can be expected in the next few weeks. Max Hirsch at Kyodo has a long study of the UN referendum mess:
FOCUS: Taiwan politicians prepare for doomed referenda as election nears
With Taiwan’s March 22 presidential election just days away, [...]

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Caucus of Corruption

Taiwan News rocks with another great editorial, this time on KMT dysfunctionality and corruption:
Opposition Kuomintang presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou has based his call for a “second transfer of power” largely on claims that the Democratic Progressive Party administration has been “incompetent” and “corrupt” and that only a restored KMT government can “restore” clean government.
Frankly, we [...]

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Angus Reid Slanted Backgrounder on Election

Check out the totally biased backgrounder at the Angus Reid Election Monitor website on the Taiwan Election. Straight from the KMT publicity machine. The opening paragraph will be a special joy for longtime fans of pro-KMT media bias. I sent them the following letter:
Dear Angus Reid Monitor:
I recently read your discussion of the upcoming presidential [...]

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Words from Outside Taiwan

Plenty of words directed at the Beautiful Isle today. First Lee Teng-hui, as so often, commenting in the Japanese press, reported by the trusty CNA:
Taiwan’s upcoming presidential election is very significant because its outcome will have a profound impact on Taiwan’s future, former President Lee Teng-hui was quoted as saying by a Japanese writer.
According to [...]

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