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US Busts Chinese Spies Looking for Taiwan Info

I drove around town yesterday evening on my way home from another marathon gaming session hosted by Chaon, looking for posters of the Hsieh campaign to photograph for the blog. I’ve seen some lovely Ma campaign posters, but I can’t find any of Hsieh yet. The KMT’s spending advantage is really telling.
Speaking of spending advantages, [...]

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Adm Keating and US China diplomacy

The Nelson Report offers this latest on Pacific Command Admiral Keating, on his recent China trip. Some very interesting points here:
PACOM Adm. Keating at The Army & Navy Club in Washington today, reporting on his latest trip to China.
For better or for worse, most of the non-N. Korea, and non-Taiwan “diplomacy” with China seems to [...]

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Japanese Papers on China-Taiwan military balance

One important trend of the last few years has been a halting but on the whole steady shift in Japan’s attitudes toward Taiwan, with at least some Japanese politicians and analysts arguing that Taiwan is important to Japan’s security and that the Japanese really ought to defend it. The Daily Yomiuri offers a couple of [...]

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RAND on China’s Pearl Harbor Strategy

My thanks to a commenter who provided links to a recent RAND study of a hypothetical US-China conflict over Taiwan. The Air Force Times has a summary:
The democratic Republic of China, commonly called Taiwan — which America backs and the communist People’s Republic of China considers part of its territory — frequently irritates Chinese leaders [...]

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Does China have fuels reserves for Taiwan Attack?

Andrei Chang, editor of the Kanwa Defense Review Monthly, offers this assessment of China’s ability to wage war on Taiwan for an extended period of time.
By calculating the amount of fuel oil required by the Chinese navy and air force in a large-scale attack across the Taiwan Strait under high-tech conditions, it becomes apparent that [...]

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Nelson Report on China ADIZ route

Last week officials in Taipei expressed alarm that China was upsetting the balance in the Taiwan Strait:
Taiwan has expressed concern over China’s plan to draw up an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) within the Taiwan Strait to submit to the International Civil Aviation Organization and pass on to other countries, the government said yesterday.
An ADIZ [...]

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Kitty Hawk

The latest updates from inside the Beltway, via the Nelson Report.
….Basic agreement that Beijing did not do a good job of coordinating message delivery between its politicals and its military, partly because the only real commingling takes place right at the very top, under President Hu.The net became that while China feels it has consistently [...]

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Kitty Hawk through Straits; Latest Nelson Report on Kitty Hawk

The Navy finished the Kitty Hawk affair in fine style, sending the carrier through the Taiwan Strait on the way home.
A U.S. aircraft carrier group sailed through the tense waters between China and Taiwan after it was denied entry last week to a Hong Kong port, the U.S. Navy said on Thursday.
The USS Kitty Hawk [...]

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Le Roi Soleil as a Responsible Regional Player: L’Affaire Kitty Hawk

Yesterday China came out with a claim that it had denied Kitty Hawk a berth in Hong Kong because it was angered by US support for Taiwan (IHT has a similar story):

The Global Times, a tabloid published by the official party mouthpiece People’s Daily, cited an unidentified People’s Liberation Army senior colonel, as blaming Washington’s [...]

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Weapons of Mass Distraction

The flow of nonsense stories to divert public attention from the pan-Blue cuts of the missile budget continued apace, with the China Times, closely affiliated with the KMT, reporting that Taiwan was going to purchase US cruise missiles….
Fielding questions at the Legislative Yuan, Lee said he had no knowledge about the allegation published by the [...]

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Pan-Blues Throttle Missile Production

Reuters reported that the pan-Blues in Taiwan voted to throttle the budget to produce cruise missiles capable of hitting targets in China…..
Taiwan opposition lawmakers have voted to slash the budget to produce cruise missiles that could strike Chinese targets such as Shanghai, effectively freezing the programme which had aimed to begin mass production next year.
Lawmakers [...]

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Taiwan Rejects China "Peace" Offer

Reuters and AP offer articles on the “peace offer” coming out of the Party Congress in China. Reuters says:
“We would like to make a solemn appeal: on the basis of the one-China principle let us discuss a formal end to the state of hostility between the two sides (and) reach a peace agreement,” Hu [...]

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China’s New Army Aimed at Taiwan

Asian Military Expert Wendell Minnick has a useful review of China’s force modernization in the latest Defense News. After a lengthy discussion of all the changes, Minnick notes:
The PLA’s main mission would be to invade Taiwan, employing amphibious and airborne operations. The PLA plan, dubbed the “Joint Island Landing Campaign,” would be a complex logistical, [...]

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Nelson Report: Bush Administration Blocking F-16 Sale

The Nelson Report, the well-known Washington insider report from Chris Nelson, on the US, Taiwan, and arms purchases. I’ve highlighted certain sections, and left comments after others. This is a long piece, well-written, and insightful from someone with an involvement in Taiwan affairs that dates back some thirty years……
TAIWAN ARMS…the debate over selling arms to [...]

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Defense News on KMT Defense Policy and on Arms Sales and Democracy

Veteran Taipei-based reporter Wendell Minnick reports on the KMT’s defense policy, as they have announced it on paper.
The paper, “A New Military for a Secure and Peaceful Taiwan,” assures readers that the KMT will pursue cross-strait peace, maintain the status quo and resume cross-strait dialogue in order to avoid miscalcula¬tion and accidents. Such language would [...]

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