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Beijing and Taipei Ante Up

First, from the Beijing side: their position on the alleged “1992 Consensus” as reported in the Washington Times….
China stands ready to discuss a broad range of sensitive military, economic and diplomatic issues with Taiwan if the island’s new government accepts Beijing’s terms on national sovereignty, China’s U.S. Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong said Thursday.
“We have made clear [...]

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China to Cut Missiles, Let us in WHO?

Ralph Jennings of Reuters is reporting that a Chinese Nationalist Party claimed that China had promised to stop its missile build up and then to reduce the number of missiles facing Taiwan:
Last week, when KMT Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung visited senior leaders in Beijing, including President Hu Jintao, he asked about the missiles and was told [...]

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Nelson Report: Andrew Card to Lead US Delegation

Many news sources are reporting that Andrew Card, with longstanding ties to the Bush family, will be sent to represent the US at Ma’s swearing-in. The Nelson Report, the Washington Insider Report, with the latest on that and the Administration:
TAIWAN…a final quick note…Administration sources had hinted for some time that the White House would try [...]

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US Busts Chinese Spies Looking for Taiwan Info

I drove around town yesterday evening on my way home from another marathon gaming session hosted by Chaon, looking for posters of the Hsieh campaign to photograph for the blog. I’ve seen some lovely Ma campaign posters, but I can’t find any of Hsieh yet. The KMT’s spending advantage is really telling.
Speaking of spending advantages, [...]

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Kitty Hawk

The latest updates from inside the Beltway, via the Nelson Report.
….Basic agreement that Beijing did not do a good job of coordinating message delivery between its politicals and its military, partly because the only real commingling takes place right at the very top, under President Hu.The net became that while China feels it has consistently [...]

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Nelson Report on the Kitty Hawk Incident -UPDATE-

The Nelson Report, the Washington insider report, gives the point of view of Beltway insiders on the recent flap over the recent problems with the visit of the carrier Kitty Hawk to Hong Kong:
US-CHINA…let’s start with the bad news. You saw last week that Beijing embarrassed itself by completely mishandling a long-planned Hong Kong courtesy [...]

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Weapons of Mass Distraction

The flow of nonsense stories to divert public attention from the pan-Blue cuts of the missile budget continued apace, with the China Times, closely affiliated with the KMT, reporting that Taiwan was going to purchase US cruise missiles….
Fielding questions at the Legislative Yuan, Lee said he had no knowledge about the allegation published by the [...]

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Pan-Blues Throttle Missile Production

Reuters reported that the pan-Blues in Taiwan voted to throttle the budget to produce cruise missiles capable of hitting targets in China…..
Taiwan opposition lawmakers have voted to slash the budget to produce cruise missiles that could strike Chinese targets such as Shanghai, effectively freezing the programme which had aimed to begin mass production next year.
Lawmakers [...]

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KMT Chairman to visit mainland, Missiles to visit Taiwan

It’s so obvious that it almost doesn’t need blogging on, but the new KMT Chairman, Wu Po-hsiung, is going to visit China at the end of the month.
“It is extremely likely that he will visit in late April,” Kuan told The Associated Press during a visit to the eastern resort city of Hangzhou.
Wu, 67, [...]

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Satellites and Missile Accuracy

We were just debating the accuracy of China’s missiles the other day, when Defense News reported on how the Chinese are using satellite guidance to improve their capabilities:
Beijing-based China National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corp. (CPMIEC) has revealed new details of its P12 short-range tactical surface-to-surface missile at IDEX 2007.
Launched vertically from trucks, the [...]

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