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Nelson Report — Still More on the Arms Freeze

The Washington insider Nelson Report doesn’t often have remark on Taiwan, and yet here are two in a row that have stuff on Taiwan. This one comments on Wolfowitz’s remarks the other day. Pay attention to that first sentence — does it herald change?:
TAIWAN ARMS…we can confirm that the Administration is in deep consultation over [...]

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Nelson Report : More on arms freeze

Once again, the Washington insider report The Nelson Report has another round of inside-the-Beltway analysis on the Arms Freeze.
TAIWAN ARMS…”fallout” continues from PACOM Adm. Tim Keating’s speech to the Heritage Foundation last week, covered in recent Nelson Reports, in which Keating informally confessed that the White House has put a “freeze” (press language, not his) [...]

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Nelson Report on Freeze:

The Nelson Report, the widely-circulated Washington insider report, recently wrote:
Taiwan arms…last week’s Heritage speech by PACOM’s Adm. Tim Keating continues to generate attention in Asia, given his admission of a US “arms sale freeze” in order not to risk disruption of the currently improved China-Taiwan situation.
But we were wrong in reporting that Keating explicitly said [...]

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Nelson Report on Upcoming Taiwan Problems

Chris Nelson’s latest missive straight from the Beijing-dominated heart of the Washington Establishment (my comments in brackets):
TAIWAN…we’ve noted in many Reports that while the US has tried for years to encourage a more productive Cross-Strait dialogue, in hopes of reducing tensions between China and Taiwan, there is a built-in potential contradiction.
That is, as much as [...]

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Nelson Report on Diaoyutai Mess

The Washington insider report The Nelson Report talks about the Diaoyutai mess from the US perspective, including worries about Ma’s ability to control his own people….and the backchannel discussions between Washington, Taipei, and Tokyo.
JAPAN/TAIWAN…observers actively involved in Taiwan affairs are expressing relief that President Ma today seems to have re-established a degree of adult supervision [...]

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Nelson Report on Ma Speech

The latest Nelson Report contains more insight on the Ma inaugural address. My comments in brackets:
TAIWAN…President Ma was inaugurated this week, an event witnessed by a large and varied US delegation, and his speech was much anticipated as an indicator of how he intends to pitch the political/diplomatic relationship with “the Mainland”…and with the US.
We [...]

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More on Wolfowitz to Chair US-Taiwan Business Council

In the latest Nelson Report Rupert Hammond-Chambers of the US-Taiwan business council explains the reasoning behind the choice of Paul Wolfowitz as Chairman of the organization:
TAIWAN…reaction, informally, in US-Taiwan circles to the surprise announcement of Paul Wolfowitz as chairman of the US-Taiwan Business Council has been, to be frank, incredulous.
To outside observers, the pick seemed [...]

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Latest Nelson Reports

The Nelson Report from last week noted (highlights are mine):
US/CHINA/TAIWAN…Asst. Sec. State Chris Hill, somewhere in Indonesia today, apparently told a journalist that the President has ruled “no” on a visa request by Taiwan President-elect Ma Ying-jeou to visit Washington prior to the Inauguration in May.
No one involved will be surprised when this is formally [...]

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Nelson Report on Election Results

An excerpt from the Nelson Report, a Washington insider report that gives a sort of precis of official views in Washington. As can be seen, in Washington, the problem in Taiwan-China relations is the DPP, showing once again that while democracy is destabilizing, hundreds of missiles are a force for stability *sigh*. It shows also [...]

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Nelson Report on the Kitty Hawk Incident -UPDATE-

The Nelson Report, the Washington insider report, gives the point of view of Beltway insiders on the recent flap over the recent problems with the visit of the carrier Kitty Hawk to Hong Kong:
US-CHINA…let’s start with the bad news. You saw last week that Beijing embarrassed itself by completely mishandling a long-planned Hong Kong courtesy [...]

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