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Beijing Controls the Maps

The Shanghaiist reports on illegal maps in China:
Among the many things one can do to make China “lose face” in the international eye:
1. Distribute toxic playthings to small children the world around2. Kidnap and enslave hundreds of your countrymen and their children and force them to work in subhuman conditions3. Crop the edges off a [...]

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IHT: Taiwan Refuses Olympic Torch

It’s all over the news, so go see it for yourself: Taiwan has become the first nation to ever refuse the Olympic Torch:
Within hours of Beijing’s announcement Thursday of what would be the longest torch relay in Olympic history — a 137,000-kilometer (85,000-mile), 130-day route that would cross five continents and scale Mount Everest — [...]

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North Korea as future ally of US?

My friend John alerted me to this interview on NPR with New Mexico governor Bill Richardson on his recent trip to North Korea. The money quote:
Does the U.S. at this point approach North Korea from a weakened state since that country knows full well that this country’s military is stretched rather thin?
Well, they know that [...]

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