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Nuclear Blues

In April the Taipower announced that it was purchasing new units for its nuclear power plants… The other day Taiwan News wrote a hard hitting editorial about the KMT’s nuclear energy policies….
After years of objection while in opposition to the setting of explicit carbon dioxide reduction targets, the KMT now advocates a drive to return [...]

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Ma charter flight plan opens July 4 (UPDATED with nuke plants)

Ma speaking at the Dead Dictator’s Tomb (Taipei Times). Looks like a Photoshop moment, but it’s for real. Cries out for captioning.China Economic Review says Ma’s charter flight plan commences July 4:
The National Policy Foundation, a think tank of Ma’s Nationalist Party or Kuomintang, said in a recent report that it had completed the direct [...]

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Nukes or Blackouts!

The pro-nuke side is pushing nuclear power, and threatening blackouts within three years. Been there, done that, the first time around. Bloomberg reports:
China’s missiles may not be the biggest danger to Taiwan. An impending power shortage could cause blackouts within three years and weaken the nation’s economy.
Power production is failing to keep pace with demand [...]

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