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Papua New Guinea — what was at stake? –UPDATE: PNG Officials DID meet with Taiwan scammers

UPDATE: The Australian reports that PNG officials did meet with the middlemen….
PNG’s Post Courier newspaper said yesterday Mr Tiensten, who was trade and industry minister in 2006, had met the middlemen from Taiwan at a series of meetings in Port Moresby, while he was also acting foreign minister. Mr Tiensten said a PNG lawyer, Florian [...]

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Islands in a Steam

Taiwan’s dollar diplomacy in the South Seas is really part of a much larger pattern of cowboy activity that annoys lots of places that might otherwise be its friend. For example, there’s cowboy fishing, which has been provoking Greenpeace lately,
GREENPEACE activists clashed with a Taiwanese long-line fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean today, painting the [...]

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"Papua? I thought he said Paypal!"

Taiwan’s checkbook diplomacy was spotlighted this week with the revelation that the Taiwan government was giving out money in little brown bags from the back door to anyone who said they could buy a government…..
“I don’t know if the money went to Papua New Guinea,” Huang added.
Chiou said the affair began when an unidentified friend [...]

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