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KMT-PFP Merger in the cards?

When the new legislative reductions and new election system were announced, there was widespread conviction that they would spell the doom of the small parties. Of particular interest is the People First Party (PFP), which was never a real political party (the KMT was at least welded together by a common interest in maintaining flows [...]

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Cadet Sex Update

Last week I blogged on the tale of the Cadet Who Was Set Up by Sex. Such set-ups are routine here (anyone remember Chung Cheng-mo?). The postscript to the case is, of course, that the cadet was cleared of wrongdoing after the investigation.

A U.S. Military Academy cadet who was briefly investigated for possible sexual impropriety [...]

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The Cadet Set Up

“Never mind. You’ve proved who killed Cock Robin and I don’t expect a still-moist kaydet to know all the tricks. But listen and learn.”
The other day, May 31st, the Taipei Times reported on the woman who felt uncomfortable after having consensual intercourse with a West Point cadet here in Taiwan on an exchange program…..

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Ma-Wang Negotiations Ongoing

As everyone knows by now, former Taipei Mayor, Minister of Justice, and KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou has gone from being just an ordinary jeou to being the candidate of the KMT for the Presidency of Taiwan.
Ma now faces the problem of what to do with two important rivals, Wang Jin-pyng, the current legislative speaker of [...]

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Bill of MAttainder

No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed. — US Constitution, Article I, Section 9; Clause 3
Wiki has some interesting comments on the passage of bills aimed at declaring the actions of specific persons illegal….
A bill of attainder (also known as an act or writ of attainder) is an act of [...]

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KMT: the Past into the Future

The election for the new Chairman of the KMT ended in victory for Wu Po-hsiung, the former vice chair. Wu is now believed to be Ma Ying-jeou’s man, prompting Ma’s main rival, Speaker of the Legislature and longtime party insider Wang Jin-pyng to threaten hell and damnation:
In the wake of the KMT chairmanship by-election, Wang, [...]

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Red Ants Rise from the Grave

He promised to stay in front of the Presidential Office until Chen stepped down. Then he went back on that, and promised to stay in an apartment near the train station until Chen’s term was over. Now Shih Ming-teh, former democracy activist, former political prisoner, former Chairman of the DPP, and current tool of the [...]

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Blue team picks vote buyer for Keelung Mayor Election

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and its spinoff kid brother, the People’s First Party (PFP), jointly known as the pan-Blue coalition, have supposedly chosen Chang Tong-rong as their candidate for the Keelung Mayoral election necessitated by the death of Hsu Tai-li, the previous mayor. Chang is currently the speaker of the city council.
Hsu had been [...]

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Ma Wins, KMT Loses

Well he’s tellin’ us thisAnd he’s tellin’ us thatChanges it ev’ry daySays it doesn’t matterBases are loadedAnd Casey’s at batPlayin’ it play by playTime to change the batter — Joe Walsh
The Taiwan News put Green schadenfreude to page the other day with a long editorial applauding the stupidity of the KMT and the despair of [...]

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Redrawing the legislature

An critically important event took place this week, with the major parties agreeing on the redistricting plan that is necessary to carry out the legislative elections slated for later this year. The pro-Green Taipei Times reported:

Electoral boundaries within four disputed cities and counties (Taipei and Taichung cities and Miaoli and Changhua counties) will be [...]

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