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Random Photos from a Rainy Time

Peter Enav of AP. “Peter, can I take your picture for my blog?” “Which blog is that?” “The View from Taiwan.” “Weren’t you just excoriating us for our coverage?” “Uh…yes.” “Sure, go ahead!”
At the Shriver talk at the TFCC I met a whole bunch of people, including Peter Enav, above, and J. Michael Cole, a [...]

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Another Gorgeous Day in Tainan

Air Supply, behind bars at last.
The rain stopped, the wind blew in, and the sun came out. And so I marched across Tainan, camera in hand.

This introduction to the history of National Chengkung University, whose institutional core dates back to the Japanese period, refers to Taiwan being “returned” to China. *sigh*

Rising prices don’t slow [...]

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Training South on a gorgeous Taiwan Day

A totally stunning day after many days of rain, and there I was on the train with a clean window, and empty camera, fresh batteries and two hours to kill. Don’t get many days like this….

One reason I like the train is that you always see the backside of everything, where people just let reality [...]

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Zooming up to Nantou to see the Daily Bubble Tea

Todd waits for me to finish a shot as Cathy looks for bugs to photo.
Another gorgeous central Taiwan day dawned on Sunday, so my friend Drew and I motored up to Nantou to see Todd of The Daily Bubble Tea, a popular local expat blog, and his girlfriend fiance Catherine. I’m happy to announce [...]

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Week of Parties

It was a week of parties for me last week that began at the train station in Taoyuan. I had bounced up there to attend the Thai New Year celebration being held in the stadium there, at the invitation of my friend Michael K, AKA the Bushman, who was playing with a Thai band that [...]

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In and Around Tainan

Another week with three days spent in photogenic Tainan — only this time I brought my son down with me to enjoy the sights and keep me company. (As always, clicking on any picture will take you its Flickr page and my photos of Taiwan).

On Monday we visited the Dutch era Forts Provintia (Chih Kan [...]

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Camping in Gukeng

Tsaotun town.
This weekend I went to the Gukeng Coffee District to “camp” with some local families. I’d love to show you magnificent scenery and beautiful coffee plants, but it was much too hazy for decent scenery shots, and we sat around chatting and playing cards instead of charging about hiking and imaging. Very relaxing. The [...]

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New Years Market

The weather has been awful, or I’d be out taking more pictures…apologies for that lack. The weather gods gave us nothing yesterday, which didn’t stop these hardy souls above from visiting the butcher in the market, but today dawned gloriously. Grocery list in hand, we headed into town to push and shove our way through [...]

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Weekend at Sun Moon Lake

This weekend the university took the Applied Foreign Language teachers on a retreat to the Youth Activities Center at Sun Moon Lake. The university was also kind enough to arrange a number of visits to local attractions, including a boat ride on the lake.

Out first stop was this educational farm outside Puli. The farm offered [...]

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Adventures in the Borderlands

A new eye on the things around our house….
My friend Drew took me around a vast swing through northern Taichung and up to Fengyuan, and then around to Shihgang today for a look at some of the relics of bygone eras that lie around our area, largely unknown to foreigners.

Our first stop of the day [...]

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Day here and night there

Last week did a bit of walking…..but didn’t use these boots, which my student assured me were really useful when she was bored in class.

Drove over to Hsin Tien (”new field”) between Tanzi and Fengyuan for some enjoyable hiking on the trails in that area with Jim of Sponge Bear fame.

The road to the hiking [...]

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Saturday Warming Rally

Another fun weekend in Taipei…..

Took the family up to Taipei on the HSR on Saturday.

The kids were really psyched.

Business class still has a seat or two left.

One great thing about the HSR is that it doesn’t track the highway and thus, goes through some wonderful rustic scenery on the way up to Taipei. I’d have [...]

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Abandoned Tainan

Time for another day trip. Fresh from Strategic Management Theory class, where presenters put 250 words on a single Powerpoint slide and then read them out loud, I decided that what was needed was a few hours on a motorcycle with Johnny Z from The Real Taiwan. Otherwise I was going to be just another [...]

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Life and Markets in Taichung

The calm before the storm of the new semester, Moon Festival gives everyone a couple of days off to drive on crowded highways to pack into remote places to barbecue slices of meat so thin that poor people use them for window panes.

This handsome fellow is a famous Taiwan blogger and a student at NCKU [...]

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Vivid Tainan

Wednesday I caught the train down to Tainan early to crawl over the city’s more famous tourist spots with my close friend Jeff Miller.

Morning traffic inches along in the sunlight.

Like this woman, I waited at the train station for my friend to appear.

The statue in the center of the traffic circle is raised, so you [...]

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