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Jes’ Critters

Went out hunting today.

Hunting for critters. Haven’t had a critter post in years. I know you’ve been pining away for them….

Kingdom of the butterflies.

Caught this striking fly again further down….

Which end is forward?

Here’s the fly, legs covered in pollen….

A wasp starts a nest….

A cricket.

Striking combination of bug and blossom.

He fixed me with his beady blue [...]

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Here and There Pics

This week it was up to Hukou for some singing, and down to southern Taichung for some Axis and Allies and poker night, and up to the hills to baldly go where lots of elderly Taiwanese have gone before.

I caught these men taking a moment off on the way up to the highway.

One of the [...]

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Blast from the Past

Those of you thoroughly sick of the nutcase political situation and the election news can get away by spending a few hours at this wonderful website full of letters and pictures from Taiwan from a US serviceman stationed here during the Vietnam War. Hat tip to reader Kent from Hawaii….
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On a clear day you can see Changhua

Betel nut stand on Wu Chuan W Rd.
Sepat cleared our skies, making Wednesday a beautiful day to take pictures….

Hard at work at the famous Lai Lai Snacks on Wen Hsin Road. This chain is found all over the island and has opened branches in China now.

Until a typhoon blows in, it is possible to live [...]

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Andrew and Michael’s Excellent Adventures in Miaoli

On Wednesday my friend Andrew and I headed out to Tunghsiao in Miaoli to take a look at one of the island’s few remaining Shinto temples from the Japanese period, and enjoy the views from atop Tiger Head Hill in Tunghsiao, where are historical marker commemorates a famous event in Japanese history (to go to [...]

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Taiping Hike

Had a great day on Saturday meeting old friends and new ones. First, Sponge Bear and I beat the rain for a morning hike somewhere east of Taiping on a hiking trail that had neither name nor number, but was still great (Sponge Bear’s account). Later, in the evening, I finally got together with indie [...]

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Strays and Panoramas

Typhoon sunset. This is a composite of two images, showing the same scene as in this pan of the plain between Changhua and Taichung, but a wider view.

The pan and stitch functions are really great. Here I did a row of identical houses just for fun.

A panorama of a Dong Shan Road in Beitun, just [...]

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Daily Links, August 6, 2007

You’re not seeing double. I just couldn’t decide which cut I liked better, so you get ‘em both. And a bonus wolf spider hiding in there too, just to the left of the butterfly.
It’s Monday, so the Daily Taiwan Links are at David’s Place! Bent has links. And more links! Kerim has a pile of [...]

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Taichung Panoramas

Had a few minutes at school today, so I shot some panoramas of Taichung to get some practice lining up panoramas with the new camera. The one above shows downtown from the south. The train station, which is not visible, is at the extreme right of the picture.

This shot shows the suburbs on the south [...]

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Checking out the Bells and Whistles

Saturday dawned bright, so I hit the trails above my house to try out the new Canon on some old subjects.

All the shots here were taken at maximum resolution, about 3264 x 2448 (giving 575 shots on a 2 gig card). Most I cut down to 750 x 562 in ACDSee, and saved at 75% [...]

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Feel the Powershot

Say good-bye to the Olympus C-770 (above): the Powershot is in the house! It was a good camera for 2004, but it’s a generation behind now. Taken a beating too, as the dent there in the bottom of the U/V filter attests. I was so impressed with my buddy Jason’s S3 that I went out [...]

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Caught this one outside of OCIT, in a polluted and otherwise forgettable stream. Beautiful things are everywhere in the world, if you can only take a moment to spot them.

Catching the action at 168, a popular hot pot chain. The food comes out on the conveyor belt to the left, and you pay a fixed [...]

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