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The Empire of Bacon

Shot of Taichung showing massive haze over the city, Jan 19, 2008.By its workings, astronomical sums have been appropriated into circuits from which many benefited. While the momentum of growth was maintained, Japan’s reputation as a great power was enhanced, and trade frictions with G7 member countries eased. Massive civil-engineering projects were favored: bridges, tunnels, [...]

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Chunghwa Telecom Union to Launch Worker’s Party?

The China Post is reporting that workers at Chunghwa Telecom may form a new workers’ party….
The Chunghwa Telecom Workers’ Union (CTWU) may team up with other industrial workers unions to organize a new political party and field its own candidates in the next legislative election, CTWU Chairman Chang Hsu-chung said yesterday.
In a recent CTWU board [...]

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