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New Zogby Poll on Independence

Zogby has a new poll on Taiwan independence beliefs among the Taiwanese. The press release says:

Zogby Poll: 85% in Taiwan Support Petitioning U.N. for Membership
Survey finds most view themselves as Taiwanese and believe Taiwan is an independent nation, not a part of China
The vast majority of adults in Taiwan – 85% – believe the government [...]

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Seen around the Web

With 700 reporters descending on the island to cover our elections, plenty of media coverage of Taiwan can be expected in the next few weeks. Max Hirsch at Kyodo has a long study of the UN referendum mess:
FOCUS: Taiwan politicians prepare for doomed referenda as election nears
With Taiwan’s March 22 presidential election just days away, [...]

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More Blue poll fun

I’ve often noted over the years how Blue-run polls in Taiwan exist to shape discourse rather than inform it. A good example is the recent poll out at KNN, the Kuomintang News Network, of managers of Taiwan firms. The poll’s findings:
The latest survey conducted by the China Credit Information Service Ltd (CCIS) shows that 72% [...]

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