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Abandoned Tainan

Time for another day trip. Fresh from Strategic Management Theory class, where presenters put 250 words on a single Powerpoint slide and then read them out loud, I decided that what was needed was a few hours on a motorcycle with Johnny Z from The Real Taiwan. Otherwise I was going to be just another [...]

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Aborigines Losing Their Christianity?

Peter Enav of the AP reports on declining belief in Christianity among the aborigines of Taiwan:
Sixty years after Roman Catholic and Presbyterian missionaries first converted large numbers of Taiwanese aboriginals in their leafy mountain villages, Christianity here is entering a new phase. Adherents are leaving the faith.
Faced with a declining agricultural economy in their hard [...]

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Japanese War Dead Shrine in Taichung

My friend Jim over at Sponge Bear went up to Taoyuan the other day and stopped by the very well-preserved Shinto shrine there. The shrine was preserved only because the local government lacked the funds to remake it as a Confucian temple. Interest in these Japanese-period buildings has blossomed since the 1980s, as Taiwanese have [...]

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King Car English Village

The BBC reports on the King Car English Village:
The “village” is actually attached to one of the county’s elementary schools.
Ordinary classrooms have been transformed to look like an airport waiting room and customs area - complete with the fuselage of a real plane donated by a Taiwanese airline company.
There [...]

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Conversion to Christianity Among Urban Working Classes in Taiwan

A Mormon missionary harasses passers-by in traffic.
Sociology of Religion had a special issue on Christianity in the Chinese world last year, and one of the articles was on conversion to Protestantism here in Taiwan.
Although Western Christianity has promoted modern medicine, secondary and higher education, and social welfare in many Chinese societies, and thus has earned [...]

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The Matsu Temple in Dajia

It’s hard to believe, but there was a sunlit world here not barely a week ago. To help you all remember the World Without Rain, here are some pics from the Saturday trip of Jason, Andrew, his wife Joyce, and myself to Dajia to visit the famous Matsu Temple there, one of the island’s most [...]

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