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Taiwanese arrested in Hong Kong Phone Scam

The other day my wife got a call from a woman claiming to be from Taishin Bank, who said someone, Mrs. X, was trying to clear out the $900,000 we have there. Except we don’t have an account there…. The woman spoke in mandarin with a Taiwan accent, but after a few minutes as my [...]

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Those Stimulating Market Rip-offs

Now that the price of everything is going up, rip-offs in the markets are on the rise. The same one struck our family this week in distant morning markets in Taichung and Yungho. My father in law, who is over 80 and no longer clear in his mind, came home from the market the other [...]

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Serving Your Prison Sentence, Taiwan style

In Taiwan, beating the system is an art form, one that depends on exploitation of the willingness of other human beings to take a hit, sweetened with a little cash or mediated by filial piety. For example, gangsters use the ID cards of homeless people to open bank accounts that they use in scams. Similarly, [...]

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Taiwan 419 Scams

The 419 letter repository blog had this today:
From: JTERRAhoustonrrcom -
I am Mr.Huang Chi-Lin.I work with Sino Pac Bank, formerly known as International Bank of Taipei as General Manager, Northern Branches, Taiwan. I have an obscure business proposal for you. My client, Mr.Thabit Alwan an Iraqi Merchant, made a fixed deposit [...]

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Thieves and Scams

Scams are a way of life on the Beautiful Isle. Yesterday my neighbor stopped by and she and my wife fell to discussing some that had happened to her. An old woman who collects recycling stuff and sells it to get by, she hardly has a cent, but nevertheless, thieves have ransacked her house twice.
She [...]

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Scams Again

There’s a strain of thought that argues that Taiwan’s international status is really not a big issue — the island can pursue some postmodern, Stainless Steel Rat status. I was reflecting on that today while watching the Rebar case shenanigans, as fugitive tycoon Wang You-theng, dodging Taiwan police, left Singapore for the US, once again [...]

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