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Red Ants are Back

AFP reports that the Red Ant Army of Shih Ming-te is back in action.
Thousands of people rallied in the Taiwanese capital Sunday to mark the one-year anniversary of a campaign to oust President Chen Shui-bian over alleged corruption.
At least 1,000 riot police were deployed, but no clashes were reported in the candle-lit vigil, held on [...]

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Shih Ming-te indicted for Anti-Chen Faux Protests

Prosecutors have indicted former DPP Chairman and current pan-Blue ally Shih Ming-te for staging an unregistered protest during the faux protests against Chen Shui-bian last year:
Taipei prosecutors indicted former Democratic Progressive Party chairman Shih Ming-teh (施明德) and 15 others yesterday for violating the Assembly and Parade Law (集會遊行法) for unregistered protests during last year’s [...]

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Interlocals on Chen Yu-hao

Interlocals has a great article on Chen Yu-hao, the Taiwanese tycoon who fled to China several years ago one step ahead of the authorities, and a good friend of DPP turncoat and anti-Chen campaigner Shih Ming-te. Chen is reputedly the largest taxpayer in China, according to local legend here in Taiwan, and is said to [...]

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Gnashing My Teeth

Augh! Gack! Snarl! Over the last several months this blog has reported extensively on the Shih Ming-teh Red Ant anti-Chen campaign. Anyone who has read it is comprehensively familiar with the facts of the case, as well as a broad set of interpretations, both pro- and anti-Shih (see my archives page, where it has its [...]

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Referendums Redux

In 2004 one of the ways the DPP stoked its base and powered its way to victory was the use of referendums held during the election. One purpose may have been to demonstrate a popular basis for DPP policies; another, to establish the use of popular referendum, thus taking another step toward independence of government, [...]

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Red Ants Rise from the Grave

He promised to stay in front of the Presidential Office until Chen stepped down. Then he went back on that, and promised to stay in an apartment near the train station until Chen’s term was over. Now Shih Ming-teh, former democracy activist, former political prisoner, former Chairman of the DPP, and current tool of the [...]

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Red Ants Turn on the Queen

Taiwan News reports that Shih Ming-te’s supporters are suffering from a bad case of buyer’s remorse:
The campaign supporters, better known as the “red shirt brigade,” said at yesterday’s press conference that the brigade will cut ties with Shih, and demanded Shih explain thoroughly the entire expenditure during the campaign activities which lasted for several months [...]

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Shih Ming-te to be Sued Over Red Ant Funds

Even Shih’s dupes arrive at reality sooner or later, reports the Taipei Times….
The two men said that they will file a lawsuit against Shih with the Taipei Prosecutor’s Office, charging fraud and breach of trust, when the number of people endorsing the move hits their “target number,” which was not disclosed.
Expressing their dissatisfaction with [...]

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Short Shorts

The other day I mentioned that the KMT mayor of Keelung, Hsu Tai-li, who was convicted in connected with shenanigans related to land sales, was going to be a potential embarrassment to the KMT now that they rewrote the rules to let Ma Ying-jeou run for President on the KMT ticket, and this morning Hsu, [...]

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