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And so it begins….? I think not.

After the legislative and presidential elections, several KMT heavyweights, including the President and Veep-elects, pointed to Singapore as a model for one-party rule.
As many of you are aware, Singapore has a reputation for using lawsuits by the ruling party’s politicians to suppress dissent. Is Taiwan moving in that direction? The Deputy Mayor of Taipei, a [...]

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Singapore Fondles China’s Youknowwhats Again

Three years ago Mark Chen, then Taiwan’s foreign minister, lashed out at Singapore officials for their remarks on Taiwan’s drive for independence and democracy, using colorful Taiwanese idiom that made his comments instantly memorable:
An exasperated Chen, speaking in the earthy Taiwanese dialect rather than the more formal Mandarin that is supposed to be the national [...]

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Economic Contrasts

Mislabeled product #4501: reads “baking powder” in English, and “American Rising Powder” in Chinese, but it is actually yeast. If you can’t find yeast, shake the baking powder and listen for the kitsch-kitsch of yeast.How’s our economy? Listening to the Blues, you’d think we were in economic free fall. Asia Media hosts an article from [...]

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Singapore’s Lee says China won’t take Taiwan

As always, Lee has interesting things to say in this interview with UPI:
Q: In the next 12 months, China, in this New Year of the Rat (Feb. 7) that you are now celebrating, will mark its transformation in the past three decades from one of the poorest countries in the 20th century into the world’s [...]

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Has Taiwan Screwed Up China’s Chances for Demcoracy?

Andrew Leonard at points to a paper by Yun-han Chu which claims that Taiwan is making democracy look bad. After reviewing the problems here, Chu writes:
Taiwan’s democratic experience is important to China’s political future for both its objective (analytical) and subjective relevance. It constitutes a crucial social experiment because it is the first and [...]

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Singapore Dem Party Official Pwns Ma Ying-jeou

KMT Presidential Candidate Ma Ying-jeou is visiting Singapore and held it up as an example for Taiwan…and got some interesting feedback from the local democracy parties, who had some good things to say about Taiwan, in the form of an open letter. Many thanks to the reader who forwarded me this open letter…..
8 June [...]

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