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Is Dual Recognition Possible?

Bruce Jacobs had a nice commentary in the Taipei Times today arguing that Taipei really ought to pursue some kind of “dual recognition” format:
Second, Taiwan needs to broadcast much more clearly that it is willing to have joint recognition with China. At least from the outside, it appears that Taiwan still breaks relations with countries [...]

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Papua New Guinea — what was at stake? –UPDATE: PNG Officials DID meet with Taiwan scammers

UPDATE: The Australian reports that PNG officials did meet with the middlemen….
PNG’s Post Courier newspaper said yesterday Mr Tiensten, who was trade and industry minister in 2006, had met the middlemen from Taiwan at a series of meetings in Port Moresby, while he was also acting foreign minister. Mr Tiensten said a PNG lawyer, Florian [...]

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Islands in a Steam

Taiwan’s dollar diplomacy in the South Seas is really part of a much larger pattern of cowboy activity that annoys lots of places that might otherwise be its friend. For example, there’s cowboy fishing, which has been provoking Greenpeace lately,
GREENPEACE activists clashed with a Taiwanese long-line fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean today, painting the [...]

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Not Being Careful What You Wish For

The Pacific islands’ relationship with Taiwan is back in the news. Last January I discussed several articles on Taiwan’s diplomatic initiatives in the South Seas. I cited one piece which said:
Following destructive riots in the Solomons capital Honiara in April, the Australian and New Zealand governments criticised the Taiwanese government for engaging in chequebook diplomacy [...]

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Stray Media on Taiwan’s Int’l Relations

The always insightful Ting-i Tsai has a commentary in the Asia Times on the recent decision by the US to take a step back on the referendum. He argues that the US has reluctantly decided to live with it:
Burghardt’s approach, which deviated from that of other US officials in recent [...]

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