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Tainan, Ta-ken, Tainan, Ta-ken….

Sunflowers decorate southern Tainan city.
Sunny days in Tainan and Taichung propelled me out the door, camera in hand. As always, click on any picture to be taken to its Flickr page where larger sizes are available.

Tainan streets, with their narrow widths and gobs of signs, make great photos.

My friend Johnny Z and I visited a [...]

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Daily Links, August 6, 2007

You’re not seeing double. I just couldn’t decide which cut I liked better, so you get ‘em both. And a bonus wolf spider hiding in there too, just to the left of the butterfly.
It’s Monday, so the Daily Taiwan Links are at David’s Place! Bent has links. And more links! Kerim has a pile of [...]

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