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Pratas Fracas

The Pratas Islands, or Dongsha, one of the many islets in the South China Sea disputed between the nations around it, was in the news this week. First Max Hirsch of Kyodo News reported on the Pratas in the context of the new capitulation reduction of tensions between Taiwan and China:
Smack-dab in the South China [...]

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Islands in a Steam

Taiwan’s dollar diplomacy in the South Seas is really part of a much larger pattern of cowboy activity that annoys lots of places that might otherwise be its friend. For example, there’s cowboy fishing, which has been provoking Greenpeace lately,
GREENPEACE activists clashed with a Taiwanese long-line fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean today, painting the [...]

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Taiwan News on the Spratly Visit

Taiwan News has a very interesting take on the Spratly trip of President Chen. The international media didn’t report any of this, of course, and come in for some well-deserved abuse in the first paragraph. I’ve included the whole thing here because, regrettably, things are difficult to access on their site after a couple of [...]

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Some interesting stuff going on out there today. Wapo has a long article on the decline of Japan, one of several that have appeared recently. There is also a piece in Wapo by Jane Rickards of AmCham here on President Chen’s trip to the Spratlys:
Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian inaugurated a runway on one of the [...]

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Beijing Controls the Maps

The Shanghaiist reports on illegal maps in China:
Among the many things one can do to make China “lose face” in the international eye:
1. Distribute toxic playthings to small children the world around2. Kidnap and enslave hundreds of your countrymen and their children and force them to work in subhuman conditions3. Crop the edges off a [...]

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