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Globe and Mail: Taiwan Flashpoint 2008 -UPDATED-

The Globe and Mail is doing a set of pieces on the major world flashpoints. Among them is of course the Taiwan Straits, portrayed here as made dangerous by the recklessness of the dastardly Chen Shui-bian. It’s a good thing those forces for stability, restrained and prudent, are there to keep Mad Chen© in check! [...]

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Sec Rice’s Comments

Jerome Keating reminds that Sec Rice’s comments that the referendum is a “provocation” may be responded to at the following email addresses:

Be nice when you talk to the Administration, I’m sure it will be a new experience for them….. Alton Thompson over at Conductor’s Notebook has a good response:
Dear Secretary Rice:
Like many Americans living in [...]

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Stray Media on Taiwan’s Int’l Relations

The always insightful Ting-i Tsai has a commentary in the Asia Times on the recent decision by the US to take a step back on the referendum. He argues that the US has reluctantly decided to live with it:
Burghardt’s approach, which deviated from that of other US officials in recent [...]

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Tancredo to Rice: Stop Interfering in Taiwan’s Elections

Tom Tancredo’s (R-COL) office just forwarded me a copy of his latest effort on Taiwan’s behalf: a joint letter of Tancredo and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) to Sec of State Rice asking the Administration to stop its interference in Taiwan’s elections. Go Tancredo! Here’s the letter in its entirety:
The Honorable Condoleezza RiceSecretaryU.S. Department of State2201 C [...]

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US Runs Interference for Beijing Again

In the last couple of weeks Tom Christensen of State, Steve Young of our own American Institute in Taiwan (AIT; the officially unofficial US representative organ here), and now Raymond Burghhardt, Chairman of AIT, have told Taiwan the DPP UN referendum is a bad idea. Ralph Jennings of Reuters has the call:
The United States on [...]

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US Congressman Introduce Resolution to Support UN for Taiwan

Media outlets are reporting the introduction of a resolution backed by 19 US legislators to support Taiwan into the UN (Taipei Times).
No date has been fixed for debate on the bill in the US legislature.
“It’s unclear when it will come before the committee, we have no mark-ups scheduled for the next month,” said Lynne Weil, [...]

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Latest Nelson Report on Taiwan

Panorama of the Taichung Train Station. Note the Taiwan-UN Banners, which are prominent on many government buildings throughout Taiwan.
The Washington insider Nelson Report says good things about the US management of the DPP Referendum headache:
CHINA-TAIWAN…[A/S Chris] Hill at his press conference confirmed he had just come from a meeting with China’s State Council chief [...]

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Latest Nelson Report on Taiwan

Chris Nelson’s Washington insider report on Taiwan contains a section from a speech by a State Department official that gives a good idea of how State sees itself and the whole UN referendum issue. Nelson himself, prefacing the speech, writes:
The Bush Administration has consistently, in private and in public, warned Taiwanese leaders not to do [...]

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UN Referendum Mess Round Up

Heritage’s John Tkacik has another excellent piece, this time on the referendum issue. Tkacik pointed out what I have also been complaining about:
But a crisis is in the making. While Taiwan’s leaders remain tone-deaf amid the vast global preoccupations of their most important friend, the United States, the Bush [...]

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Bush Lauds Taiwan in APEC Speech

The Taipei Times has the call as President Bush says nice things about Taiwan in a speech on Thursday, but also lets it be known that he, like the six presidents before him, will make no serious attempt to democratize China:
In a speech aimed to promote greater democracy, freedom and prosperity in the region, Bush [...]

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Lost: The Bush Administration Version

My family finally got hold of season 3 of Lost, which we’ve been watching closely. You might recall the show. It’s about of group of outsiders whom fate strands on an island with only limited access to the outside world, full of people who speak cryptically, tropical fruit, computer equipment, and hot women, and [...]

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Arms Purchase: Junkets, State Department, Tkacik

David Isenberg writes on the visit of Taiwan legislators to the US to scout the submarine purchase:
The latest wrinkle in the long-running tale of US arms sales to Taiwan occurred last week when seven Taiwanese lawmakers from four different parties arrived in the United States on an 11-day visit to conduct a feasibility study for [...]

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All the news that hasn’t yet occurred

Reuters is reporting that China will be “angered” because Chen Shui-bian is going through Alaska on his way to Central America. The title of the article says:
Taiwan Chen’s U.S. transit stop bound to anger China
…and the article goes on to report:
The United States will allow Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian to stop over in Alaska en [...]

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Nelson Report: Chen + UN - State = Eff-up

First, my apologies to the State Department on its reaction to the UN entry. It is entirely understandable. Apparently Taipei still has not gotten the message. Chen Shui-bian is only being given an Alaska stopover as a result of — let us say this bluntly — his own stupidity. The Taipei Times has the description:

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State Department Makes News Again

UPDATE: The government is saying that State hasn’t done this and it is just the usual pro-Blue paper bullshit.
Minister of Foreign Affairs James Huang said Monday the United States has yet to respond to Taiwan’s transit requests and reports of rejection by the media are purely speculation.
Huang made the assertion after swearing in new [...]

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