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Stock Market clunks to 16 month low

Ma save us! The stock market hit a 16 month low yesterday (pic above from Yahoo) as the brilliant financial policies of the rational Ma administration once again boosted our economy. Wait, did I write that wrong? Sorry, for a moment there I thought I was writing for one of the financial papers that pushed [...]

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Tuesday Quickies

As the typhoon howls outside our windows on its way to wreak havoc in south China, a friend reports that finally, the Taiwan High Speed Rail was placed the word “Taiwan” on their tickets. In ordinary print. On the back. *sigh*
Taiwan News pointed out a little ray of light in an editorial today:
In their status [...]

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The Alternate Reality of the South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post, writing from an alternate reality, observes:
In an economic climate haunted by the US recession, soaring oil prices and soaring inflation, Taiwan seems to be sticking out in the crowd. As stock markets dip round the world, Taiwan’s Taiex index appears to have an exceptional power to defy gravity. Since his [...]

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The Bubble That Ate the Universe

What’s going on in China now? David Webb, a major figure in Hong Kong investment circles, has a wonderful analysis of the stock market bubble there:
The vast majority of individual investors in China today have never experienced a serious market correction, and have only the simplest understanding of the market. All that they know is [...]

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