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DPP Chairman Discussions

Sign of the rising price of metal: One of my neighbors is an artist who works in various metals. This weekend he surprised a thief attempting to make off with some metal which he had kept as parts for his work. The thief had stolen one basket and was surprised when he came back for [...]

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Hsieh Picks Su

The China Post and other papers are reporting that Hsieh is going to ask Su to be his running mate.
Presidential candidate Frank Hsieh of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said yesterday in Singapore that he has invited former Premier Su Tseng-chang to be his running mate in the 2008 presidential race.
Hsieh, who is currently [...]

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Excellent Backgrounder on Frank Hsieh

Taiwan political commentator Ting-I Tsai has an excellent article on Frank Hsieh in the Asia Times Online:
The turning point for Hsieh came when he [...]

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Chutzpocrisy and the Taiwan media

Ya gotta love the chutzpah and hypocrisy of the Taiwan media. The other day ESWN translated a piece from the pro-KMT China Times on the DPP primary polling….
Some background. The Pan-Blue (KMT + PFP) world is the world where conspiracy thinking passes for analysis, where Chen Shui-bian won the 2004 election because of an assassination [...]

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Su Resigns, Government launches Stolen Assets Website

Premier Su Tseng-chang resigned yesterday in a surprise move. The BBC has the news:
At a press conference in Taipei, Mr Su said his resignation had already been accepted by the president.
“To allow the president to strategise in the new environment, I am willing to co-operate and release myself and I have told this to the [...]

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Future DPP Madmen Debate, Hack on Ma

A popular figure in international commentary on Taiwan is Mad Chen, the Crazed pro-independence Taiwan president who wants to tear up the Constitution, rename the island, and trigger a massive war in Asia. Chen is a pragmatic and clever politician, and his “wild” talk is aimed largely at domestic audiences. Nevertheless, one often hears — [...]

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Redrawing the legislature

An critically important event took place this week, with the major parties agreeing on the redistricting plan that is necessary to carry out the legislative elections slated for later this year. The pro-Green Taipei Times reported:

Electoral boundaries within four disputed cities and counties (Taipei and Taichung cities and Miaoli and Changhua counties) will be [...]

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