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Meet Up June 14

Jerome sends around the meeting notice:
To all,
We will have our monthly meeting this Saturday June 14 at 9:30 am.
Speaker: Dr. Lily Lin, Assistant Professor and Counselor at Taipei Medical University and a licensed psychologist in California.
Topic: “Taiwan Youth (particularly those of high school and university age)–Where They Are and How They Got There.”
Venue:The meeting location [...]

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Meet Up April 12

Pigeons caged, tagged, and ready to be timed for racing.
Jerome sends around the good word on the April 12 meeting:
The speaker will be Dr. Lily Wang who is CEO of the Australian Taiwanese ‘WHO for Taiwan” Action Association. This is a brief background on the Australian Taiwanese ‘WHO forTaiwan’ Action Association. (
Lily had come [...]

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Shannon Meet Up Jan 12

Jerome Keating sends the word:
To all,
Our January meeting will be on Saturday January 12 at Shannon’s as usual. [That's 10:00 AM the Shannon on Tun Hua N Rd across from the concert venue, next to Dan Ryan's -- MT]
The speaker is Natalie Tso, Program Host and Reporter English Service for Radio Taiwan International.
Radio Taiwan International [...]

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Saturday Warming Rally

Another fun weekend in Taipei…..

Took the family up to Taipei on the HSR on Saturday.

The kids were really psyched.

Business class still has a seat or two left.

One great thing about the HSR is that it doesn’t track the highway and thus, goes through some wonderful rustic scenery on the way up to Taipei. I’d have [...]

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Stephen Yates at the Shannon Meet up, Dec 9, 2007

Stephen Yates (left) talks with former AIT official Syd Goldsmith
Our speaker at the Shannon meet up was Stephen Yates, the former advisor to Vice President Darth Dick Cheney. Despite the impression one gets from the media that Bush Administration officials tend to suffer from a singular lack of human feeling, Yates turned out to be [...]

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Shannon Meet Up Dec 9 (Sunday!)

From the Home page of the Reporters without Borders, referring to the 2008 China Olympics.
Jerome Keating sends around the latest skinny on the upcoming Shannon Meet Up: UPDATE: This is now confirmed for Sunday, the 9th. The Shannon is next to Dan Ryan’s on Tunhua N. Rd, across from the concert venue.
To all,
I am planning [...]

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Saturday of Political Stuff

Policeman direct festivities at a Taichung temple.
This weekend we went up to Taipei for the Swenson’s meet up, hiking, swimming, museum visiting, and other good stuff.

But we always have time to pause for a butterfly.

Friday night on the metro in Taipei.

Friday evening I stopped by a Thai place by the Nanjing E. metro stop to [...]

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July 21 Meet Up in Taipei

Those of you into meaty topics will enjoy the speaker and topic at our next meeting, July 21….
To all,
In order to help you in your planning. our July speaker will be Professor Leng Tse-kang of Genda. His presentation on Cross-Strait Relations and Issues will be given on July 21.
At that time he will be fresh [...]

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June 17 Meet Up at Shannon

Jerome Keating sends around the notification — the meetup will be Sunday June 17:
To all,
The venue is confirmed, it will be at The Shannon on Sunday, June 17 at 10 am. The breakfast options will be the same as last time.
Shananon’s address is 6 Tun Hua North Road, just south of Nanking E. Rd., [...]

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Taipei Meet Ups

Two of my students share a joke before practice teaching.
Saturday my family and I zoomed up to Taipei to catch Franc Shelton’s presentation at the meet up at The Shannon on Saturday morning. There were a couple of new faces there, and many old ones. Franc, an official at the officially unofficial US representative office [...]

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May Meet up postponed to the 12th

Jerome sent around notification that the May meet up is postponed to the 12th.
To all,
Just a little advance warning to help your planning.
Our May meeting will be on Saturday May12th (the second saturday of May) so that we do not conflict with the Charity Climbathon sponsored by the Community Service Center.
Our speaker will be member [...]

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Winter in Taipei

Another gorgeous, sunlit Taipei day.
I read a science fiction book once called A Picture History of Astronomy by Patrick Moore, in which the author imagined a universe where the Earth circled a nearby star called the Sun, which gave us light and heat. Here in Taiwan we know better than to believe nonsense like that…..

On [...]

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Swenson’s Meet Up March 10: Venue Change

Jerome Keating sends word of the Swenson’s Meetup on the 10th. Please note the changed location:
To all,
The Breakfast Club: Synergy and Serendepity–making things happen by getting together.
We will meet on Saturday March 10th at 10 am at Shannon Pub.
Speakers: Rick Monday and Bill Thissen of ICRT. (Rick has the morning show and Bill has Jazz [...]

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Swenson Meet Up Postponed

Jerome sends word that the Swensons Meet Up has been postponed to the second saturday in March.
Related PostsMeet up on SaturdayI’ll be at the meet up tomorrow at Swenson’s in Taipei. Expect to see you all there!Sat Mar 4 Swenso…May Meet up postponed to the 12thJerome sent around notification that the May meet up is [...]

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