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Ta-ken Trail 4

Did a lot of hiking in Ta-ken this weekend. Today I wandered out on Trail 4, according to the sign, the most difficult of the 10 Ta-ken trails. Sponge Bear led the way as we notched another trail on our belt.

The trail meanders along a ridge for 1.8 kms, rising to 859m above sea [...]

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Week of Parties

It was a week of parties for me last week that began at the train station in Taoyuan. I had bounced up there to attend the Thai New Year celebration being held in the stadium there, at the invitation of my friend Michael K, AKA the Bushman, who was playing with a Thai band that [...]

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Taiwan: Still Makin’ One Thing Into Another

With all the focus on our IT industry here — and Intel with another $500 million investment — it’s good to recall that in Taiwan real men still bash metal:
According to statistics compiled by Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), Taiwan`s machinery exports reached US$3.851 billion or NT$122.1 billion in the first quarter of this [...]

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Mormon Missionaries Assist City of Taichung

At last all those foreigners riding around on bicycles are actually going to be doing something useful….
Mayor Hu had often seen the Mormon missionaries riding throughout the city on their bicycles and developed an idea he shared with Hoer. “Many of your missionaries are from North America and other English-speaking countries. Why couldn’t they take [...]

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Underwear Day in Taichung

With all the negative publicity about our fair city from our high crime rates and the fact that we host the world’s biggest polluting power plant, we get a break:
The Audrey Underwear company in Taizhong city named November 21 Camisole Day to celebrate record sales.
Much to the excitement of their male colleagues - all 500 [...]

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Making Taichung More Foreigner Friendly

A friend in a local urban planning department passed me this for further discussion.

Session on Friendly City: The Way
Making Taichung A Barriers-Free City for All International Guests

An Introductory Remark by Prof. XXXDepartment of Urban Planning____ University10/23/2004Friendly as Barriers-Free
For years, the United Nations (UN) has been working on protection and promotion of basic Human Rights. Rights [...]

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The NT$325 Vacation

Stressed? Tired? I recommend a healthy dose of 136 out of Taiping to Puli and Sun Moon Lake. Take scooter, $100 bill for gas to Sun Moon Lake, $100 for gas to return, $100 for lunch, and $25 for a bottle of soda. Drive for 45 minutes on 136. Result: Relaxation and enjoyment. Side [...]

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Life and Markets in Taichung

The calm before the storm of the new semester, Moon Festival gives everyone a couple of days off to drive on crowded highways to pack into remote places to barbecue slices of meat so thin that poor people use them for window panes.

This handsome fellow is a famous Taiwan blogger and a student at NCKU [...]

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Protests with the Mostest

KMT supporters arrive for the big rally.
Massive rallies in Taiwan yesterday! I stopped by the KMT UN rally today for about an hour and a half during its opening moments, where I met the redoubtable Craig Ferguson of CFImages (Craig’s beautiful images are up now on his blog), and watched my first rally from the [...]

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Andrew and Michael’s Excellent Adventures in Miaoli

On Wednesday my friend Andrew and I headed out to Tunghsiao in Miaoli to take a look at one of the island’s few remaining Shinto temples from the Japanese period, and enjoy the views from atop Tiger Head Hill in Tunghsiao, where are historical marker commemorates a famous event in Japanese history (to go to [...]

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Strays and Panoramas

Typhoon sunset. This is a composite of two images, showing the same scene as in this pan of the plain between Changhua and Taichung, but a wider view.

The pan and stitch functions are really great. Here I did a row of identical houses just for fun.

A panorama of a Dong Shan Road in Beitun, just [...]

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Taichung Panoramas

Had a few minutes at school today, so I shot some panoramas of Taichung to get some practice lining up panoramas with the new camera. The one above shows downtown from the south. The train station, which is not visible, is at the extreme right of the picture.

This shot shows the suburbs on the south [...]

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Walking among the hills

Off for a walk at the base of the hills outside Taichung…greeted, as always, by the endless array of bugs that the island provides.

Everywhere you look, early morning hikers can be found. The hills around me are honeycombed with hiking trails and minor roads that make excellent morning walks.

Winding lanes, perfect for an early morning [...]

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The Matsu Temple in Dajia

It’s hard to believe, but there was a sunlit world here not barely a week ago. To help you all remember the World Without Rain, here are some pics from the Saturday trip of Jason, Andrew, his wife Joyce, and myself to Dajia to visit the famous Matsu Temple there, one of the island’s most [...]

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More Visiting With Friends

On Friday Jason and Andrew took me and my son out to the falls where the drowning occurred the other day, south of Hsinshe in the hills of Taichung county. We followed 88 from Fengyuan, a beautiful ride along the ridges above Taichung, which finally enters Hsinshe from the north, then rode through the town, [...]

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