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Another Gorgeous Day in Tainan

Air Supply, behind bars at last.
The rain stopped, the wind blew in, and the sun came out. And so I marched across Tainan, camera in hand.

This introduction to the history of National Chengkung University, whose institutional core dates back to the Japanese period, refers to Taiwan being “returned” to China. *sigh*

Rising prices don’t slow [...]

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In and Around Tainan

Another week with three days spent in photogenic Tainan — only this time I brought my son down with me to enjoy the sights and keep me company. (As always, clicking on any picture will take you its Flickr page and my photos of Taiwan).

On Monday we visited the Dutch era Forts Provintia (Chih Kan [...]

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Tainan, Ta-ken, Tainan, Ta-ken….

Sunflowers decorate southern Tainan city.
Sunny days in Tainan and Taichung propelled me out the door, camera in hand. As always, click on any picture to be taken to its Flickr page where larger sizes are available.

Tainan streets, with their narrow widths and gobs of signs, make great photos.

My friend Johnny Z and I visited a [...]

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Day here and night there

Last week did a bit of walking…..but didn’t use these boots, which my student assured me were really useful when she was bored in class.

Drove over to Hsin Tien (”new field”) between Tanzi and Fengyuan for some enjoyable hiking on the trails in that area with Jim of Sponge Bear fame.

The road to the hiking [...]

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Chasing the Sun in Anping

Out to Anping harbor in Tainan on a gorgeous November afternoon in southern Taiwan with John from the Real Taiwan and his wife and kid.

First stop was this old traffic tower for the fishing port, now enveloped by art. It did improve the look a bit.

The tower’s door is unlocked, so we slipped under the [...]

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Abandoned Tainan

Time for another day trip. Fresh from Strategic Management Theory class, where presenters put 250 words on a single Powerpoint slide and then read them out loud, I decided that what was needed was a few hours on a motorcycle with Johnny Z from The Real Taiwan. Otherwise I was going to be just another [...]

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Nankunshen Temple, Beimen, Tainan

The massive gate of the temple.
On Wednesday John from The Real Taiwan and his lovely wife and daughter, Fili from Filination, and myself went up to the gigantic Nankunshen Temple in Beimen township on the northernmost edge of Tainan county. (Fili’s tale is on his top blog.)(John on the Real Taiwan)

Because we are bloggers, immediately [...]

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Vivid Tainan

Wednesday I caught the train down to Tainan early to crawl over the city’s more famous tourist spots with my close friend Jeff Miller.

Morning traffic inches along in the sunlight.

Like this woman, I waited at the train station for my friend to appear.

The statue in the center of the traffic circle is raised, so you [...]

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Cadet Sex Update

Last week I blogged on the tale of the Cadet Who Was Set Up by Sex. Such set-ups are routine here (anyone remember Chung Cheng-mo?). The postscript to the case is, of course, that the cadet was cleared of wrongdoing after the investigation.

A U.S. Military Academy cadet who was briefly investigated for possible sexual impropriety [...]

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The Cadet Set Up

“Never mind. You’ve proved who killed Cock Robin and I don’t expect a still-moist kaydet to know all the tricks. But listen and learn.”
The other day, May 31st, the Taipei Times reported on the woman who felt uncomfortable after having consensual intercourse with a West Point cadet here in Taiwan on an exchange program…..

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Temples and Alleys of Tainan

A couple of weeks ago I had a couple of hours to walk around Tainan’s alleys and take still more pics. Haven’t had a chance to put up many pictures this week, so brace yourself while I indulge. Here my friend Peter Huston makes sure I don’t see anything indecent before we set out on [...]

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A Fort In Tainan: Respite from the Failed WHO Bid

This cute little fellow hopped up on my finger for a better look at me.
Taiwan vows to fight on as WHO fails to even place a vote on Taiwan’s membership on the agenda (The Guardian reports). I don’t feel like kvetching about our incompetent advertizing or unprofessional and disconnected promotion effort. If there is one [...]

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Tornado over Tainan

Freak tornadoes do occur in Taiwan, and one hit Tainan the other night. I was actually staying overnight down there and I remember thinking how odd the wind was as I lay down to sleep. Little did I know….
A rare tornado hit Tainan county, southern Taiwan, at 1:40 a.m. Wednesday, blowing away the roofs of [...]

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Moving the Capital

The Taipei Times reported on a small but growing push to move the capital out of northern Taiwan.
The idea of relocating the capital from Taipei has received a warm response from local authorities, with Taichung, Chiayi, Chiayi County, Kaohsiung and Kaohsiung County all showing a high degree of interest.
President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) said [...]

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