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CNA: Ma will not permit hot money speculators from China

The Central News Agency (CNA) offers parts of an exclusive interview with President-elect Ma on the China money issue:
President-elect Ma Ying-jeou said Friday that he will propose anti-speculation legislation that will prevent Chinese investors from trying to make quick profits in the local real estate market.
Ma said in an exclusive interview with the Central News [...]

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Taipei at New Year

Traffic. This year the traffic jam in the northbound lanes extended from Taipei all the way to Taichung with no end in sight. As I drove home around 4 it was basically a parking lot all the way back to the 140 km marker, or over 100 kms from the Taipei exit.
Ran up to Taipei [...]

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Saturday Warming Rally

Another fun weekend in Taipei…..

Took the family up to Taipei on the HSR on Saturday.

The kids were really psyched.

Business class still has a seat or two left.

One great thing about the HSR is that it doesn’t track the highway and thus, goes through some wonderful rustic scenery on the way up to Taipei. I’d have [...]

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Shung Ye Monograph Series at SMC

For those of you into Taiwan books, the Southern Materials Center has both reprints and new stuff on Taiwan. Their bookstore is at: 羅斯福路三段 283 巷 14 弄 14 號 (14 Roosevelt Rd. Lane 283, Alley 14). It’s the lane behind McDonalds across from the side gate of National Taiwan U.).(website)
One of the series they [...]

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We’re Number Two!

The long-dreaded moment has come true:
A 1,680ft skyscraper has become the tallest building in the world, according to developers.
The Burj Dubai is expected to be finished by the end of 2008 and its planned final height has been kept secret.
But it has already started to edge ahead of the 1,667ft Taipei 101 in Taiwan, the [...]

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Saturday of Political Stuff

Policeman direct festivities at a Taichung temple.
This weekend we went up to Taipei for the Swenson’s meet up, hiking, swimming, museum visiting, and other good stuff.

But we always have time to pause for a butterfly.

Friday night on the metro in Taipei.

Friday evening I stopped by a Thai place by the Nanjing E. metro stop to [...]

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Yungho and Yangmingshan

A dragonfly rests on our clothesline.
Friday the news reached our household that my mother in law took a bad fall and hit her head on a bit of wall that slashed across the local sidewalks, a bit of wall that I’ve been stepping over for 18 years. We zoomed up to Yungho outside of Taipei [...]

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Visiting With Friends

The view from the 85th floor of Taipei 101, the indoor observation deck.
Sunday my good friend Jason W. flew in from overseas to visit old friends and old haunts. Andrew Kerslake and I picked him up at the airport and then hung out in Taipei, hooking up with the acutely intelligent and hilarious Jason Cox, [...]

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Taipei Goings on….

Jerome Keating and Linda Arrigo pass along links to stuff happening up in Taipei this weekend….
Mark Inglis, the first double amputees who successfully climbed to the top of Mount Everest, is going to deliver a speech in Taipei on May 19 (Saturday, 2:00 ~ 4:00 pm). You can reserve a seat for free at
Here’s [...]

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New Railroad Museum Planned in Downtown Taipei

The China Post reports that a new railroad museum that takes advantage of the Japanese era buildings in the city center is in the planning stage:
In an effort to revitalize Taipei City’s old downtown center, the Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA) has initiated plans to renovate the historic buildings around the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) [...]

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The Torch is Passed

The Taipei Times put out a hard-hitting editorial on the vapid International Olympic Committee and the torch situation:
The disingenuousness of the International Olympic ommittee (IOC) is breathtaking. To allow China to host an Olympics at all should have been warning enough; for IOC officials to now feign surprise at Taiwan’s unhappiness with its proposed [...]

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Blogger Conference, Huashan Cultural Park

A policeman watches traffic in front of a metro station in Yungho.
Saturday began bright and early with a trip to Taipei where I was speaking at blogger conference at Huashan Culture Park. The park was a former winery from Japanese times, and is now a venue for performing arts and conferences. Ironically, the park was [...]

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Winter in Taipei

Another gorgeous, sunlit Taipei day.
I read a science fiction book once called A Picture History of Astronomy by Patrick Moore, in which the author imagined a universe where the Earth circled a nearby star called the Sun, which gave us light and heat. Here in Taiwan we know better than to believe nonsense like that…..

On [...]

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Red Ants Rise from the Grave

He promised to stay in front of the Presidential Office until Chen stepped down. Then he went back on that, and promised to stay in an apartment near the train station until Chen’s term was over. Now Shih Ming-teh, former democracy activist, former political prisoner, former Chairman of the DPP, and current tool of the [...]

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Yangming Cruise Ship and Keelung

The new port near Bali northwest of Taipei.
The government of Taiwan is currently building a port at the mouth of the Tamsui River, upriver from Taipei. The long-term plan is to shift the container traffic to that port, and use the picturesque port of Keelung for tourism. Yesterday Yangming, a major Taiwan shipper and shipbuilder, [...]

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