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Zooming up to Nantou to see the Daily Bubble Tea

Todd waits for me to finish a shot as Cathy looks for bugs to photo.
Another gorgeous central Taiwan day dawned on Sunday, so my friend Drew and I motored up to Nantou to see Todd of The Daily Bubble Tea, a popular local expat blog, and his girlfriend fiance Catherine. I’m happy to announce [...]

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A Day of New Beginnings….

It’s truly a day of new beginnings. Later today new President Ma is sworn in and will speak. What will the future bring? To get a sense of how far we’ve come, enjoy these slides from a US soldier stationed here in 1969-71.
Also today pro-independence groups will rally. Details from a friend:
There’s going to be [...]

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Tripping Around Taipei

It was that kind of weekend, hip deep in Taipei. First, an early morning dash into the city with my family and a couple of exchange students from my university who wanted to go play in the big city. Next, the gathering at the Shannon, where we heard from the nephew of the Dalai Lama. [...]

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TrippinTv Blogwatch

TrippinTV, which hopes to build itself into a social networking and media site for Taiwan, offers a feature called BlogWatch that looks at the local blogosphere.

Tim: Its my opinion that if you spend anytime on the Internet at all, live in Taiwan (or plan to live or visit here) you’re bound to stumble upon some [...]

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Day of Bloggers

I went hiking in the morning with Jim Boyden of Sponge Bear in the hills around my house. In the afternoon I picked up Mark Forman of Getting a Leg Up and headed up to Hukou for the uber blogger party hosted by Michael Klein. Present were bloggers MJ Klein the Bushman, Todd from The [...]

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New Blog: Jeff’s Taiwan

Waiter! There’s a bug in my coffee cup!
Many years ago I entered the masters degree program at the Elliot School at George Washington University in Washington, DC. I had just got back from Taiwan, and there I met another man who was also deeply interested in Taiwan, and like me, had just gotten married to [...]

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Making the Story

Michael Klein tells his story.
Yesterday I had the great good fortune to accompany Michael Klein (the New Hampshire Bushman) to the offices of United Daily News (UDN) in Hsinchu to discuss his experiences with the recent crash of fighter 5371 (Michael’s post). The resultant article is online at Yahoo and UDN. Michael’s site is currently [...]

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Highway 11 Website Up!

My friend Ryan and his lovely wife Iris announce that the new website for their magazine Highway 11, which specializes in East Coast topics, is up and running. The online version offers coupons, articles, and other useful stuff:
Hello All!
Check this out:
For those who don’t know, Highway 11 Magazine is Taiwan’s first EastCoast bilingual monthly magazine [...]

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Michael Klein became an important link in the investigation into the crash of an Air Force jet in Hsinchu last week. He has a fascinating account of the visit of the Air Force officers to his house today during their investigation. Note these words from his previous post:
To me, their value is in the hope [...]

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Global Voices Online on Taiwan

Global Voices Online, a fantastic peek into the blogospheres of 200 nations, has great stuff about Taiwan, like this collection on transportation and the east coast. The proposed highway down the east coast was an important topic in the DPP primary debates — headlining the Taipei Times presentation of it — and is highly controversial. [...]

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Blogging Conference Presentation

On Saturday I was a speaker at a blogging conference in Huashan Culture Park in Taipei (pics below). Here is the section from the conference on the foreign blog world here. Scott Sommers and I had a long talk on the issues after the conference, and I hope he can find the time to put [...]

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Blogger Conference, Huashan Cultural Park

A policeman watches traffic in front of a metro station in Yungho.
Saturday began bright and early with a trip to Taipei where I was speaking at blogger conference at Huashan Culture Park. The park was a former winery from Japanese times, and is now a venue for performing arts and conferences. Ironically, the park was [...]

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Bloggers Beware!

Lawsuits and indictments showered on blogger….
A student was indicted last month after Taipei County [...]

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Daily Links, April 10, 2007

It’s not night in the blogs…..

That’s Impossible discusses the pro-localization faction. And the mysterious fire that swept through one of Chiang Kai-shek’s 27 residences. Good thing he lived an austere life….

nostalgiaphile witnesses thugs destroying a bar. Brrr.

Big Ell has his hands on the local porn numbers.

Bill Stimson argues for a free Taiwan at Peking Duck.

Mark [...]

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Daily Links, April 3, 2007

Ma Ying-jeou goes to court today. Lots of judgments in the blogs….

David finds that Lonely Planet TV is now out of beta, and finds a video on Taiwan.

Scott Sommers has a post on Steven Krashen and testing. The comments on this are quite interesting, including remarks from Krashen and rebuttals from Dr. Clyde Warden.

A-gu reports [...]

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